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Provides information on how to use the search function on Twitter and lists activities for the student!


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Day 2: Build Your Network : 

Day 2: Build Your Network How can you find people who will follow you? How can you find the answers to questions?

Useful tools : 

Useful tools Search Trending topics

Search Activity #1 : 

Search Activity #1 Find information on any subject, event, or person. Activity: Try finding this famous astronaut on Twitter. Hint: Type NASA in your search bar. What is his name? Please write your answer in the chat bar.

Activity #2 : 

Activity #2 Who is your favorite celebrity, singer, sports player, author or leader? Type this in the search bar. What kind of information did you find? Send it to me @Twitclass!

Discussion : 

Discussion Which of the people provided you with the most interesting information? Add this person as a follower! Why would you want to add more followers this way?

Trending Topics : 

Trending Topics Easy ways to learn about current events. Fast way to communicate withpeople! The # in front means this is a hashtag!

How do you gain followers? : 

How do you gain followers? Retweet their tweets. Share interesting information and links. Recommend them to other followers by using #hashtags. Hashtags video:

Thank you for attending!Please leave feedback! : 

Thank you for attending!Please leave feedback!

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