SRD-The perfect online portal for all shelving, racking

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Presentation Description is the online shopping website which is strongly advised for shelving purpose. They have proved to be the reliable source for metal racks, tire racks, wire racks in canada since many years.


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SRD-The perfect online portal for all shelving, racking and direct solutions!:

SRD-The perfect online portal for all shelving, racking and direct solutions!

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If you are in need of storage solutions for your warehouse, storage areas, hospitals, colleges, schools and similar other locations of applications, then you should consider visiting SRD or

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SRD is the perfect company to help you in tackling your storage problems. The company provides plenty of products in the category of shelving and racking. They also use latest technology in construction of their products.

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The materials used are galvanized to prevent all chances of rust, corrosion and resistance.

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SRD provides products on its website in six categories. 1.Metal shelving 2. Wire shelving 3.Wine racks 4.Wine racks shelving 5.Work benches 6.Lockers & cabinets

Metal shelving:

Metal shelving Different metals and technologies are used to create sustainable, versatile and easy to use shelving products.

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Under Metal shelving you will get three kinds of shelving. They are Metalsistem Boltless shelving Rivetwell boltless shelving Hallowell shelving

Wire shelving:

Wire shelving This kind of shelving is constructed with the help of wire which is of industrial grade quality.

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It is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation. These shelving solutions are ideal for schools, colleges, hospitals and manufacturing companies.

Wine racks:

Wine racks Plenty of fashionable and attractive designs are available. Wrought iron, wood and stainless steel are the common materials used to make these pieces.

Tire rack shelving:

Tire rack shelving An ideal and sturdy solution for keeping tires.

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Tire Rack can be used for your garage or your store. Like all SRD products, they are easy to install and versatile to use.

Work benches:

Work benches The Hallowell workbenches of SRD are constructed with the finest materials and are the symbolism of quality, stability and strength. These benches ensure maximum productivity with the ability and power to withstand everything.

Lockers and cabinets:

Lockers and cabinets Various kinds of products like Sturdymet, Single Tier locker, Triple tier Dura locker and Double tier Dura locker are available at SRD .

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On you will get complete details. If you have any queries, then you can contact them by dialing on a toll free number: 1-(888) 457-7441

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