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To Look Dark circle Under eye is will look very ugly. to cure we have some home remedies


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How To C ure Dark Circle Under Eyes www.beautyepic.com

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www.beautyepic.com Every men and women will have a problem like dark circle under eyes. They will think that there has no Remedies for that But here we are showing some basic natural remedies. You can cure your dark circle under eye.

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www.beautyepic.com 1. Almond Oil: How to use: Before when your going to bed take Almond oil, and apply over the dark circle. Leave it over Night. In the next morning wash it with cold water.

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www.beautyepic.com 2. Cucumber : How to use: Take the cucumber and cut it into round slices keep in cold place for 30min. After 30min take the one slice onto eye and rub it on the dark circle for 10min And wash it with cold water. Do this method twice in a day.

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www.beautyepic.com 3. Raw Potato How to use: Take potato Juice and a one cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball in the potato Juice and apply it over the dark circle area under eye . While applying you need to close your eyes. Wait for 10-15min till it absorbed. And then wash with cold water. Repeat this remedy for once in a day.

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www.beautyepic.com 4. Rose Water How to use: Take a Rose water and cotton ball. And dip the cotton ball in the rose water till it completely wet. And take from the rose water and apply gently to the dark circle smoothly. Leave it for 10 min. and wash it with cold water.

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www.beautyepic.com 5. Tomato Take 1 table spoon of tomato juice and ½ table spoon of lemon Juice. By the help of cotton ball apply gently to the dark circle. And leave it for 10min. And wash with cool water. Repeat this method for once in a week. How to use:

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www.beautyepic.com 6. Lemon Juice How to use: Take fresh lemon juice, and a cotton ball. Apply it by the help of cotton ball to the dark circle area. And leave it for 10 min and wash it with cold water. Do this remedy once in a day.

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www.beautyepic.com Thank you www.beautyepic.com

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