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Shealife provides you a best quality coco butter without an side effectsShealife provides you a best quality cocoa butter without any side effects. Hence, the flavors of pure Shealife Cocoa butter will surely give moisturizing benefits to your skin in this coming summer. Feel Natural, Be Natural.


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Cocoa Butter F E E L N A T U R A L B E N A T U R A L .

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ABOUT COCOA BUTTER Cocoa butter conjointly known as Theobroma oil could be a pale- yellow edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean. its mainly used to make chocolate as well as ointments toiletries pharmaceuticals. Cocoa butter contains a cocoa flavor and aroma. Its known attribute is its temperature that is simply below personal body temperature.

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BENEFITS OF THE COCOA BUTTER Aids in reducing hair loss help to improve skin health Aids in reducing inflammation of the skin Prevents the onset of male pattern baldness Reduces signs of aging such as wrinkles Helps to reduce the appearance of scars on the skin

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Shealife - Cocoa Butter With the attractive fragrance the Cocoa butter is ready with its large choices in which the Shealife Cocoa butter is found to be flavourous. This growing product glows the skin by some natural means that speedily absorbs into the skin. Getting Cocoa butter on-line becomes the foremost suitable way to delivering the product simply and on time. Just add the maximum amount of products to your cart and create payment and receive the instant response at your place.

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SHEALIFE - ORGANIC UNREFINED COCOA BUTTER An Organic unrefined cocoa butter is specially grown the shaded areas and is obtained from the standard cocoa beans. A smashing flavor of this category contains a strong scent that is specially made for the soaps creams and lip balms. The market is packed with a skin product however using unrefined cocoa butter can offer you the good quality and exist with a natural moisturizer that softens the rough skin deeply. Going with the Shealife organic cocoa butter is a great choice because it offers you the prime quality and variations in colors also. Your specific order is delivered to your existing location. all the specifications are fulfilled consistently with you.

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