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Includes common, proper, concrete, abstract nouns


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Nouns : 

Nouns Sherry Washington Brighton Middle School 7th Grade English

Nouns : 

Nouns Nouns name people, places, things, and ideas. People: athlete, teacher, president, Places: park, stadium, beach, library Things: book, cow, computer, box Ideas (concepts): happiness, bravery, anger, love

Types of nouns : 

Types of nouns All nouns can be divided into common and proper nouns. Common nouns can then be divided into concrete and abstract nouns. There are also collective nouns

Proper Nouns : 

Proper Nouns Name a certain person, place, or thing. Always capitalized Examples: Dr. Combs, President Bush, Miami Beach, Yankee Stadium, The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Capitalization for Proper Nouns : 

Capitalization for Proper Nouns Animal names: Shamu, Tigger Bodies of Water: Mississippi River Streets: Highway 51, Main Street Geographical Names: Painted Desert Parks/Forests: Everglades National Park Mountains: the Alps Regions: the Middle East, the South

Capitalization Continued : 

Capitalization Continued Organizations: National Junior Honor Society Teams: Chicago Bulls Institutions: St. Jude Hospital Government Bodies: Congress, United Nations Historical Events: Revolutionary War

Capitalization Continued : 

Capitalization Continued Special Events: Super Bowl, Mid-South Fair Calendar Items & Holidays: Monday, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day Nationalities: Mexican, African American

Capitalization Continued : 

Capitalization Continued Do not capitalize seasons unless part of a title. Ex. the winter holidays Ex. the Quebec Winter Carnival

Capitalization Continued : 

Capitalization Continued Businesses: Brighton Bank, Abercrombie Products: Apple Macintosh, Ford Mustang Name of TYPES of products are NOT capitalized: Apple computer, Crest toothpaste, Nike tennis shoes

Capitalization Continued : 

Capitalization Continued Ships: Queen Elizabeth 2 Trains: Amtrak Aircraft: Memphis Belle Spacecraft: Challenger Buildings & Structures: Sydney Opera House, Brooklyn Bridge, Peabody Hotel the hotel, a theater

Capitalization Continued : 

Capitalization Continued Monuments: Washington Monument Memorials: Lincoln Memorial, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Awards: Emmy Award, Congressional Medal of Honor

Capitalization Continued : 

Capitalization Continued Religions: Christianity/Christians, Judaism/Jew Holy Days: Easter, Yom Kippur, Christmas Eve Sacred Writings: Bible, Koran Specific Deities: God, Jehovah god & goddess are not capitalized when referring to a deity ancient mythology

Capitalization Continued : 

Capitalization Continued Planets: Mercury, Venus Stars: Rigel, Proxima Centauri Constellations: Ursa Major, Big Dipper Heavenly Bodies: Milky Way

Capitalization Continued : 

Capitalization Continued School Subjects: languages/those followed by numerals Ex. English, math, History 101, Algebra II reading, science, social studies, pre-algebra

Capitalize Titles : 

Capitalize Titles Books: The Mask of Apollo Magazines: Sports Illustrated Newspapers: The Tennessean, the Boston Globe Poems: “Season at the Shore” Other titles as well-Capitalize 1st & last words & all important words in between (not small words like a, an, the and prepositions fewer than five letters

Common Nouns : 

Common Nouns Name one of any group of persons, places, things or ideas Not capitalized Examples: book, girl, umbrella, glasses, monument, movie, city, country

Nouns : 

Nouns proper nouns common concrete abstract

Compound Nouns : 

Compound Nouns a single noun made up of two or more words used together Ex. grandmother, basketball Ex. mother-in-law Ex. grand piano, jumping jack

Collective Nouns : 

Collective Nouns A word that names a group audience batch class committee family team litter

Concrete Nouns : 

Concrete Nouns Concrete nouns are the words that most people think of as nouns (easy to recognize). They are mostly the names of objects, animals, substances or materials Cake, oxygen, iron, boy, dog, pen, glass, watermelon, worm and door are all concrete nouns.

Concrete Nouns : 

Concrete Nouns Names a person, place, or thing that can be recognized with one or more of the senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell).

Ask yourself… : 

Ask yourself… Can I see it? Can I hear it? Can I taste it? Can I touch it? Can I smell it?

Abstract Nouns : 

Abstract Nouns Abstract nouns name ideas, feelings and qualities. Many come from adjectives and verbs and have characteristic endings such as –ity, -ness, -ence, and -tion. Ex. happy---happiness They are harder to recognize as nouns than the concrete nouns.

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Abstract nouns name an idea, a feeling, a quality, or a characteristic that cannot be seen or touched. Examples: sadness, happiness, anger

Concrete or Abstract? : 

Concrete or Abstract?

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