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As Recreation is legalized in many states in Ontario Canada, it is very important to learn the rules for using recreational cannabis in Ontario Province. Here we have answered some of the most important questions related to consumption, sale and purchase of Recreation Cannabis. This is a free guide created and distributed by Budtrader Ontario Canada; you can visit us at


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Legalization Rules for Recreation Cannabis in Ontario Canada Legalization Rules for Recreation Cannabis In Ontario Canada

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Legalization of Cannabis in Canada is on the Go, new laws has been passed for who can buy, consume and process cannabis in Ontario. Cannabis laws are some somewhere similar to tobacco and alcohol in the state.

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First of all you have to understand there is a difference between rules and guidelines for medical and recreational cannabis usage and consumption in the Ontario province. The minimum age to buy process or use recreational marijuana is 19+ which is same as for tobacco and alcohol in Ontario.

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Where you can use Recreational Cannabis If you want to know where you are allowed to use cannabis? rules are: Not allowed in public places, workplace, also not allowed in motorized vehicles. You will be able to use recreational cannabis in private residence which includes the outdoor space or the home such as porch or back yard. In units like flat apartments, consuming cannabis is allowed in balcony in a multi story building but it is strictly depends on the building rules you are living in.

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Rules are in place to make sure people consuming cannabis are not using second hand smoke and to minimize youth exposure to cannabis. Use of cannabis in public place can results in $1,000 fine for first offence and $5000 for subsequent offences.

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Driving Cannabis-Impaired Cannabis decreases reaction time and increases risk of accident same as any other drug or high alcohol. It is illegal to drive drug-impaired; getting catch by police officer drug-impaired including cannabis can result in serious penalties such as immediate license suspension, financial penalties, criminal record, and jail time.

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Use of Cannabis is strictly prohibited for young, novice and commercial drivers For Drivers with G1, G2, M1 or M2 license, A-F driver’s license, Commercial Vehicle Operator, Road Building road drivers are not allowed to use any cannabis or presence of cannabis in your system.

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Buying Rules for recreational cannabis People over 19 years of age are allowed to buy recreational cannabis only from Ontario Cannabis Store. You can only posses one ounce or 30 grams of dried cannabis above that is a federal offence. For home growers you will be able to 4 plants per residence not person. Use of recreational cannabis in the workplace (offices) is illegal.

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Legalization Rules for Recreation Cannabis in Ontario Canada marijuana seeds for sale in ontario where to buy marijuana in ontario

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