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The Institute of Vedic Astrology offers assorted Futurology Courses, Consulting and Workshops. Institute of Vedic Astrology is best online Vastu training institute in India. We provide online Vastu Shastra training, online astrology training in India. The Institute of Vedic Astrology offers the diploma course in Vastu Shastra, astrology course.


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ABOUT US: THE INSTITUTE OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY In just a decade Institute of Vedic Astrology has evolved as Indias premier educational center of Futurology and allied subjects. This is largely due to continuous and rigorous Research and Development process and consistently updating ourselves with a focus on social involvement. Today IVA students have distinguished themselves as ambassadors of change for every stagnant society that pretends to be upwardly mobile. Institute of Vedic Astrology has been established with the objective to impart systematic education on various disciplines of Futurology and harnessing positive Energy. Sevencourses through distance education programs are designed by experts who are aware of the grasping power of an average student. In other words even a layman can become an expert with the help of our study material.

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OUR SERVICES: • Online Vastu Shastra Training Course • Online Astrology Training Course • Online Feng shui Training Course • Online Palmistry Training Course • Online KP Astrology Training Course • Online Astrology Shiromani Course • Online Vedic Vastu Shiromani Course

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VASTU SHASTRA : Vastu Shastra is known as the science of architecture and construction. Vastu shastra is used to construct house building to make peaceful healthy prosperous happy and enlightened environment at your work living areas. Vastu shastra is the combination of traditional Hindu and some Buddhist beliefs. Vastu shastra is an ancient architecture science and it describes the principles of design layout and construction to make a place more peaceful gentle and supportive. Ancient Vastu Shastra was mostly used for design and layout of temples houses towns cities gardens shops and other public places.

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ASTROLOGY : Astrology is an ancient art of gathering information about present past and future and also known as a helpful science to study about stars planets and their effects on human lives. Astrology totally depends on the position of the sun stars moon and planets at the time of persons birth and tells the nature of particular human on the bases of attitude personality lifestyle outlook career relationships and wealth. Astrology can provide deeper information about the activities of any human according to birth date with position of stars and planet in your zodiac.

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FENG SHUI : Feng Shui is a famous and ancient art of placement to get the energy of nature and make it more favorable and beneficial for humans. Feng Shui is a combination of two words where Feng means wind and shui means water. Feng Shui developed in china over 3000 years ago and used to balance the natural energy of any place to make peaceful for human being. Feng Shui is a practical science to balance five elements which is essential for coordination between the energies of the earth and the heaven. Simple and easy rules of Feng Shui help to create Positive and auspicious environment at your home and work areas.

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PALMISTRY : Palmistry is an art of reading palm to predict about the human behavior and personality. Palmistry is an ancient science and it was used by the astrologers in old time to provide the information about new born baby and other people. It belongs to Samudrik Shastra which literally means the ocean of knowledge. Study of cross lines in your palm tells your nature education lifestyle marriage and other information related to human life. Palmistry depends on your palm lines shape of fingers and skin color over your palm and also known as important factor to decide your nature and personality.

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KP ASTROLOGY : KP Astrology also better known as "Krishnamurthy Paddhati" Astrology or KP Stellar System of Astrology. This is a unique system of offering accurate predictions correct up to the nearest minute for the happening of an event by using certain tools and techniques which were invented by late Prod K. S. Krishnamurti. A very effective system based on cusp treatment is very accurate and effective. Signifactors of various aspects of life too covered at great length.

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ASTROLOGY SHIROMANI COURSE : Astrology Shiromani course is the advance course. Students who have completed 1 year Post Graduate Diploma course should take up this course for a greater understanding and in-depth knowledge of Astrology. The course deals with Shodash horoscopes. Course covers special effects six powers of planets causative planets The 8 types of horoscopes Horo Chart Dreshkan Chart Navmansha Chart Dashmansh Chart Saptansh Chart Dwadashansh Chart Trishansh Chart Kalansh Chart Shasthayansh Chart and Shodashansh Chart.

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VEDIC VASTU SHIROMANI COURSE : Vastu Shiromani course is the advance course. Students who have completed 1 year Post Graduate Diploma course should take up this course for a greater understanding and in-depth knowledge of Vastu. The course deals with Pyramids. Pyramids are covered at length. Environmental conscious designs with Plants and Herbs are covered in length. Basic drawings and reading maps are covered at length. Effects and uses of Gems and Crystal are covered.

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CONTACT US : Address : Institute of Vedic Astrology 20-D Sector C Scheme No. 71 Behind Shreeji Vatika Garden Ring Road Indore 452009 MP India Helpline : Call : +91.90099-10008 +91.84303-80380 E-Mail : Thank You..

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