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Be On Time : 

Be On Time Nothing damages your chances of securing the job more than arriving late for the interview. It reflects badly on your interest in the position. The importance you place on the interview , your commitment to securing the position and your ability to organize yourself .

Be Smart : 

Be Smart Smart, professional business attitude would normally be expected. Interviews are likely to connect a smart, businesslike appearance with a smart, businesslike attitude. Remember, you are what you wear.

Be Prepared : 

Be Prepared The candidate must be properly prepared about everything that should be useful in interview like paperwork, certificates, examples of work etc.

Be Confident : 

Be Confident Self-belief can be contagious. If you believe in yourself then others are likely to believe in you too. Concentrate on your strengths and let the interviewer know what you feel can bring to their organization.

Be Relaxed : 

Be Relaxed Nervousness is an interviewee’s worst enemy. There is nothing worse than leaving an interview knowing that you did not do yourself justice. Remember, the interviewer wants you to succeed or you wouldn't have been invited for the interview, so relax and enjoy it.

Be Impressive : 

Be Impressive You only get one chance to make a first impression. First impressions count for a lot so make sure your first impression is a good one. “First impression is the last impression”.

Be Knowledgeable : 

Be Knowledgeable Candidates must be known to the latest information. Ensure that you have knowledge at your fingertips. You should be remembered your own experiences (dates,places,names,technologies).

Be Honest : 

Be Honest “Honesty is the best policy” The candidate must be honest about his attitude, work and his responsibilities. Avoid the temptations.

Be Inquisitive : 

Be Inquisitive An interviewer will want you to be especially interested in the role and the company. Be prepared to ask lots of questions to demonstrate this interest. Questions about the future plans. So, they should be very curious.

Be Positive : 

Be Positive Throughout the interview you should be positive about the opportunity an offer. Try to leave the interviewer with the impression that you will accept the post if offered.

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