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imondi is a top Shanghai based Reclaimed Wood Flooring specialist creating innovative wood flooring and now becomes the most popular brand for Reclaimed Wood Flooring globally and specially in Hong Kong, USA, China and the Netherlands where we offers top quality wood flooring service with unique design in different styles.


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Reclaimed Wood Flooring - imondi:

Rec laimed Wood Flooring - imondi

About Us:

About Us imondi is the top leading Shanghai based company creating innovative flooring that believes in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do. We provides a curated collection of reclaimed wood floors and is specially known for creating beautiful and sustainable solid floors.

Flooring Material Selection :

Flooring Material Selection Depends on the following factors: Initial Cost Appearance Cleanliness Durability Smoothness Hardness Maintenance Thermal Insulation

Types Of Wood Flooring:

Types Of Wood Flooring Black & White Wood Flooring Chocolate Wood Flooring European Salvaged Flooring American Salvaged Flooring Salvaged Living Flooring Salvaged Softwoods Flooring Fuse Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring:

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Reclaimed Wood Flooring is the most optimal way to make your home look good and added a new dimension to the art of wood flooring. Reclaimed wood has more density and is more durable than newly harvested woods.

American Salvaged Flooring-imondi:

American Salvaged Flooring- imondi American Salvaged Flooring is a superior type of flooring originating from oak forests and used in construction of early barns and mills throughout the U nited S tates.

Advantages Of Reclaimed Wood Flooring:

Advantages Of Reclaimed Wood Flooring Eco- Friendly Durability Looks Cost Less E xpensive Long Lasting Less Waste

Contact Info:

Contact Info Email : C ontact No:  +86 21 6467 3346 Fax No: + 86 21 6467 3549 Website: http :// We Are imondi , Reclaimed Wood Flooring Specialists

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