What are the main purposes to obtain the Home Department Attestation?

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Home Department is a meaningful and responsible ministry devoted to setting up and maintaining the country's internal security. Home Department has the absolute authority to protect the country's law and order. The ministry will assist its citizens by verifying their documents through the Home Department attestation. Attestation from the home department is an essential certification process but it only requires non-educational certificates. Home department attestation makes any non-educational document suitable for submission for an international verification procedure.


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CERTIFICATE ATTESTATION FOR CHINA China is a part of the many countries which welcomes foreigners to study work stay or set up a business in. The process of certificate Attestation for China is a decisive process but it is a requirement to be met before your visit. Certificate Attestation is the process in which a seal or stamp is issued on an educational certificate for its validation. It is mandatory for every individual to check their certification attestation in their to-do list before moving to any other country abroad. To avoid the tedious process it is recommended to get through the process with the assistance of professionals. CERTIFICATE ATTESTATION FOR CHINA

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PURPOSE OF CHINA ATTESTATION: It essentially forms a part of the verification which depicts that you are a responsible and legitimate individual with no ill intentions against the country/state.  For work – permits or work VISA  For Student VISA  For Study VISA  For business commencement or expansion  For trading  For a family visit The process in China is carried out in four steps: 1. Regional Level - non-government documents and state certification for the government documents. 2. State Government 3. MEA Stamp Member of External Affairs - 4. Embassy Attestation The time duration for the process depends on the various aspects but in China it will take about 15-25 days to furnish the process. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED:  Original Certificates  Passport copy  Declaration Form  Power of Attorney if required CERTIFICATES WHICH REQUIRE ATTESTATION:

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1. Educational Certificates - The educational certificates that are attested under china attestation is SSLC certificate HSC certificate degree certificate PG certificate etc 2. Non- Educational Certificates - The non educational certificates that require attestation includes Death certificate birth certificate Divorce certificate Experience certificate and all other certificates that are not related to education. 3. Commercial Certificates - certificate of origin certificate of incorporation invoices etc The issue of work permit in China is the main aim of china attestation and it is used by individuals to get dependent visa with which family can also move to china with the person working in china. It is obligatory for the immigrants to get their documents appropriately legalized by the competent authorities. China attestation on documents gives a confirmation that the document is validated and can be used in china for any respective purpose. Therefore it has become a necessarily a need for Certificate Attestation in China.

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