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Sha-Shib group is the best aeronautical engineering colleges in India that give students advantages to enhance the career in aerospace.


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Sha-Shib Group, The Largest Group in South Asia for Aeronautical Engineering Courses, Continues to be Amongst the Best Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in India. Sha-Shib Group, considered to be the largest group imparting aeronautical education in South Asia, continues to grow on the Indian educational spectrum. Its endeavors to create qualified and innovative engineers throughout the country aim at benefiting the Indian aerospace market in the years to come. India is considered to be one of the largest aviation markets in the world, fostering the growth of the passenger as well as cargo airlines market, therefore being conducive for the growth of airlines and the technical employment avenues associated with it. Sha-Shib Group is one such institution offering quality and comprehensive aeronautical engineering courses. SHA-SHIB GROUP Empowering Knowledge Through Vision Why Sha-Shib? Sha-Shib was established in Bhopal in 1991 as a pro-active step towards meeting the aerospace technology challenges projected for the 21 st century. Since inception, the institute has been imparting quality education, facilitating state of the art equipment, labs, infrastructure, course material, and above all well-qualified faculties who’ve worked in the industry for years. Besides maintaining its rank amongst the top aerospace engineering colleges in India , Sha-Shib aims at shaping up creative, innovative and competent aeronautical engineers in India. As reported by the institute, the students are provided exposure to a lot of real-time industry projects, assignments, case-studies and technology. This enhances their competence towards the subject matter right from the beginning. Sha-Shib’s network of associates throughout the country makes the transfer of technology possible, and therefore, a lot of students, PAN India, prefer to study at the Sha-Shib’s associate colleges.


Courses Offered by Sha-Shib Since its inception in 1991, Sha-Shib has always set global benchmarks into aviation, aerospace engineering , and various streams associated with science and management.Some of the prominent courses offered by Sha-Shib are, S Aircraft Maintenance Engineering S Aeronautical Engineering S Aviation Training and Commercial Pilot License Course S Bachelor of Engineering S Various Science and Management Courses S Bachelor of Education, etc.


Sha-Shib’s Ventures Sha-Shib has grown over the years throughout the country. With only one institute or venture in Bhopal in the year 1991, the institute now operates across the length and breadth of the country, thus developing skills and nurturing talent throughout the nation. Sha-Shib operates in 9 major cities across the country, with 7 institutional centers and 2 information offices. All the ventures operate under the brand name of Sha-Shib Group , however, with different names. S Institute of Aeronautics and Engineering, Bhopal S Sha-Shib College of Technology (0532), Bhopal S Sha-Shib College of Science and Management, Bhopal. S Indian Aerospace and Engineering, Mumbai S Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering, Pune S Academy of Aviation and Engineering, Bangalore S Sha-Shib College of Engineering, Bangalore S Sha-Shib College, Bangalore S Sha-Shib Aviation Academy, Cochin S Utkal Aerospace and Engineering, Bhubaneshwar S Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering, Guna S Sha-Shib Flying Academy, Guna


Besides, Sha-Shib operates two information centres, one in Patna and the other one in Guwahati. Aspirants looking forward to pursuing a course in aeronautical engineering or any other course related to the above ones from one of the top aerospace engineering colleges in India, visit , and fill up a simple form for the representatives to get in touch with you. Or, write to or call on the toll-free line at 1800 233 0786.

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