Tips for summer make up with Makeup Saloons in Sydney

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Tips for summer make up with Makeup Saloons in Sydney Nobody wants to look loud by putting too much makeup on their face. Not only your wardrobe but also your make up style needs a change during this hot climate. Who would love sticky lipsticks melting makeup and smeared eyeliner If you are going to a party and you also want to look fresh then there are many Makeup Salons in Sydney for you. Today we will spill some of the best tips to make your face look fresh and gorgeous even in this humid climate. Moisturize in the morning It is very important to start your day by applying the base moisturizer on your skin. If you have oily skin then you should go for an oil-free moisturizer. Primer is a must The primer has many benefits which helps you to keep the makeup intact and makes the tiny pores invisible. Buy good primer from the beauty store which comes in a container or a bottle. Apply sunscreen Before stepping out of your house make sure to apply sunscreen which has SPF more than 50. Sunscreen protects your skin from UVB rays and makes your skin look younger. Apply a minimal amount of make up You should always keep things light. Avoid doing heavy eye make which can make your face look caked up. When your skin is sweating there is a high chance of smearing your make up. To avoid such incident you should wear less makeup. Less is more. Beauty Parlors in Sydney have professional makeup artists who can complete your summer make up look. Stick to pastel colors

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Choose light colors for your eyes and cheeks to give you a fresh and a livelier look. Everyone wants to look young and subtle so the best way to do that is to use pastel colors. Adding pastel pink blush on your apple cheeks will brighten up your face. For the lips go for sweet pink and peachy shades to complete your summer look. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara Nobody wants to see your raccoon eyes. Spend some money and buy good quality of eyeliner and mascara that doesnt smear. Find best Beauty Salons in Sydney and slay this summer with your new look.

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