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Introduction to Silverlight : 

Introduction to Silverlight By Shashank Tiwari 2010-Sep-15 LDRP-ITR

What is Silverlight? : 

What is Silverlight? One word definition: Flash Browser plug-in: cross-browser, cross-platform Use case today: Animated ads, Video Use case tomorrow: Applications (Flex) Benefits: Adds functionality + write-once-run-everywhere Why Silverlight not Flash? More words: Flash + .NET More words: WPF-subset + .NET-subset

This is a big deal : 

This is a big deal Once-every-20-years event Existing client-side web technology has reached the peak of its life-cycle Fresh start of a new client GUI technology Web is where the action is The network is the computer

Comparing client platforms : 

Comparing client platforms HTML / CSS / JavaScript / AJAX Desktop: Win16 Win32WinForms WPF Silverlight Flash / Flex Web:

Competing technologies : 

Competing technologies Desktop based “smart clients” WPF on high end 3D, Hardware acceleration WinForms: (Mature, proven) Web-based: ASP.NET - HTML + CSS ASP.NET - HTML + CSS + AJAX Adobe Flash / Flex Desktop-web hybrid (?): Adobe AIR

Demo – Yahoo Finance Charts * : 

Demo – Yahoo Finance Charts *

Demo – Photo Editor * : 

Demo – Photo Editor *

Feature Details : 

Feature Details

WPF / Silverlight – Positives: : 

WPF / Silverlight – Positives: Vector based vs. pixel based Scalable – Looks good at multiple resolutions XAML – Similar to HTML Declarative Designers and programmers work in parallel Rich customization is possible in a well-designed way

WPF - Negatives : 

WPF - Negatives Windows only Requires 50 / 200 MB .NET 3.x runtime Steep learning curve

Versions of Silverlight : 

Versions of Silverlight 1.0 RTM in Sept. 2007 Code behind – JavaScript only 1.1 / 2.0 Alpha introduced in Spring 2007. Beta at MIX08 in March 2008. RTM maybe Q3-2008. Code behind - .NET languages C#, etc. Partial .NET class library

Silverlight - Positives : 

Silverlight - Positives Lightweight at 4-6 MB, quick download .NET based Write in C# or VB.NET Use familiar class libraries Rich state-of-the-art GUI Vector based All types of content handled uniformly Secure - sandboxed

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