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Raising the status of self esteem as a value that is under ranked in everyday life in Billings, MT


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raising self esteem is an important issue for healthy character.

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Self Esteem

Definition of self-esteem : 

Definition of self-esteem a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect. (

Why Increase Self-esteem : 

Why Increase Self-esteem Having a healthy self – esteem creates confidence, self-reliance, and overall happiness in an individual Effects of low self-esteem: Depression Isolation Suicide Drug Use Self-inflicted abuse

Values Increased : 

Values Increased Acceptance Beauty Belonging Pleasure Love Pride Well-being Strength Self-reliance Happiness

Values Decreased : 

Values Decreased Bigger is better Keeping up with the Jones’s Violence Drunkenness Jealousy envy

Signs of undervaluation : 

Signs of undervaluation Cosmetic surgery procedures Eating disorders Self inflicted abuse Depression and suicide Increase in prescription anti-depressants Rise in substance abuse

Causes of Low Self-Esteem : 

Causes of Low Self-Esteem Child Abuse Bullying & Harassment Abuse & Neglect Societal influences

Limitations : 

Limitations Parental consent for surgeries, piercings, tattoos, etc. Age restrictions Cost of services and products Institutional rules ( dress codes)

Solutions : 

Solutions Volunteering Natural Beauty Wearing of generic clothing Support Groups Specific as the cause Giving of wristbands to show support: Turquoise in color with positive sayings.

Week long promotion of self-esteem : 

Week long promotion of self-esteem Monday- Volunteer Day Tuesday- Generic T-Shirt Day Wednesday- Free Services Day Thursday- All Natural day Friday- Community Give Day

Community Center : 

Community Center Local facility will host discussion groups, assemblies, and seminars designed to improve self esteem Open after school to 6:00 PM Sports/arts/activities Study groups Mentoring/support groups

Estimated Donation Value : 

Estimated Donation Value

Groups that Interfere : 

Groups that Interfere Plastic Surgeons Clothing Retailers Beauty Industry Celebrities Media Sources

Goals : 

Goals Decrease the need for beauty products Allow natural features to create confidence Eliminate popularity based on name brands

Internal Changes : 

Internal Changes Increase in a person’s self-esteem Build confidence Promote open-minded thinking

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