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Features and structure of nonfiction text; types of nonfiction text; reading strategies for nonfiction


By: adbays (67 month(s) ago)

I would be so appreciative to get the download. Teaching this on Monday.

By: sharon_elin (67 month(s) ago)

It should be ready to download to your computer by clicking on "Download" above the presentation player. Let me know if you can't download it. Thanks! --Sharon Elin


By: bemiller (78 month(s) ago)

This presentation is great. I would love to have a copy of it. It serves as an excellent teaching tool.

By: sngrady (79 month(s) ago)

I really thought this was an excellent power point. I will use it with my students, thanks. Suzanne

By: destasiolor (79 month(s) ago)

Could I please get a copy of this! Fantastic work!!!

By: lwilde (79 month(s) ago)

Could you please email this to me? Thank you!

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