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Bella's obedience ability:

Bella's obedience ability By:Sharon



Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Once upon a time there was a girl named Bella. When she was born she was cursed with the ability to obey what other people said.She lived with her two ugly stepsisters and her stepmother. Her dad died one year after Bella was born so her stepmother had all the power.

Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 Although her step m other did not know that Bella had the abilty to obey people , she ordered her to do everything. " Clean the dishes ! " ordered her stepmom. " Wash the dog"! o rdered her stepmom. " My dress is ripped ! Sew it , quickly ! You have got 5 minutes" demanded the stepsisters .

Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 Bella was lucky that her step family did not know she had this power , or they make her do even more stuff . But one day her godmother sat down on Bella's window. " I am afraid someone told your stepmother that you have the ability to obey people" said the godmother sadly. " Who told her !?" asked Bella. " No one, she just knows you have the power to obey people because everything she orders you to do , you do it." " Oh no , this is bad"said Bella.

Chapter 5:

Chapter 5 " Bella come down here NOW ! Start chopping the vegetables and then chop your hand off "said the stepmother. Bella did what she was told and then cut her hand off. She let out a loud scream and saw all the blood on the kitchen table. " Shut up ! "said the stepmother.

Chapter 6 :

Chapter 6 " Now i will kill you , stay still!" exclaimed the stepmother. Bella did not want to die. But this was the curse of obedience she was given and she could not do anything about it. She stayed still and let her step mother kill her.

Chapter 7:

Chapter 7 Bella died . A s soon as her godmother knew that she died , she quickly went to the stepmother ' s hous e to put poison in her drink. This poison would make her obey everything everyone said. And if she did not obey she would die. Of course the stepmother did not obey , and she died the third day after having the gift of obey. .. KARMA got her back.

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