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I dia’s Top Destination For Bag Packing If you are in your 20s and 30s back-packing is something which will excite you now or later. Travelling is always refreshing and enlightening to our souls and the thought of packing your back-pack choosing a destination or may be not and just taking off is something exhilarating and tempting. Everybody needs to experience the feeling of aderlust oe i their life. Ad hat’s etter the ak -packing First question to your mind will be where to go Well India is full of such beautiful and scenic places where you can go for back-packing. From north to south there are many small cities and unexplored locations which welcomes tourist with a warm heart. Such a wonderful and delightful place is Leh-Ladakh.

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Leh-Ladakh is by-far the most amazing beautiful tourist-friendly and budget-friendly destination. From spectacular mountains to serene rivers from all-time-favourite-maggi to delicious hot food everything is perfect and pleasing about this place. Destination check How to get there No matter which part of the country you are getting to Leh-Ladakh will be an adventure and fun. You can first reach Delhi via train or Flight and then start your Leh-Ladakh journey by road. This is one of the popular ways to travel to Leh-Ladakh and also cost effective. Or the seod ay is diretly athig a flight to Leh. Let’s osider the first option. Once you reach Delhi there are many ways to reach Leh. Search for a bike rental companies which are very easy to search for and then book a vehicle. Public transport is an option but riding all the way to Leh is super fun. You will find many budget-friendly hotels in Leh to spend a night and then you can hop on to another one. Plus the public transport is cheap too.

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Another option is to check out Leh Ladakh tour packages. If you are that kind of person who enjoys a ready-made plan or prefer convenient traveling then go for this option. Many rental companies arrange for Leh Ladakh bike trip. You will be accompanied by bunch of fellow riders which doubles the fun. Also make sure your tour operator has all the safety easures ost of the do hae ut it’s always good to be sure. Most of the Leh Ladakh tour packages include your transport accommodation and food arrangements. Leh Ladakh bike trip is an awesome way to complete your back packing experience in Leh. Also once you are sorted with the stay travel and food with the Leh Ladakh tour packages you can focus on the beauty of Leh. Wo deri g hat’s the food like Hot and steamy momos Thupka soup Thenthuk delicious noodles. Rice balls with meat and sauce etc. are some of the local dishes you will find in many restaurants. Also you will find the popular Khambir that is the local brown colored bread. You should definitely try all the local dishes. Continental is also served in many restaurants.

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What is the best time of the year to travel to Leh Best time to visit Leh-Ladakh by road is from June to September as the Manali to Leh highway is open. Srinagar to Leh highway opens by mid-May. A trip to Leh-Ladakh will be mesmerizing and totally worth each and every penny you will spend. No doubt Leh-Ladakh is the best destination for back-packing in India. Whether you are planning to travel aloe or ith your loed oes either ay it’s oe of the est places to explore.

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