Basic Chemistry


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Matter Matter = any material substance with Mass & Volume

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Matter comes in 3 phases

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Solid Definite Shape Definite Volume

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Liquid Indefinite Shape – takes the shape of the container Definite Volume

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Gas Indefinite Shape – takes the shape of the container Indefinite Volume – can expand and be compressed

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Elements one of the 100+ pure substances that make up everything in the universe

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Examples of Elements

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Atom the smallest particle making up elements

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Sub-atomic Particles Protons p+ - positive charge, in nucleus Electrons - e- negative charge, orbiting nucleus Neutrons n0 – no charge, in nucleus

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Drawing an Atom of Carbon minus Atomic # = # of n0 = # of p+ and # of e- Carbon has 6 p+ and 6 e- Carbon has 6 n0

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Drawing an Atom of Carbon

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Compounds Compounds - 2 or more elements chemically combined to form a new substance with new properties Properties – The way a chemical substance looks and behaves

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Compounds Compounds – are made of 2 or more different atoms combined to form Molecules Chemical formula lists the number of different atoms in a single molecule Structural formula shows the arrangement of the atoms in a single molecule

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Molecules Glucose Sugar

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Compounds usually don’t contain Carbon generally come from the earth generally simple molecules always contain C & H and usually O, N, sometimes S & P originate in organisms generally complex molecules

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Examples of Inorganic Compounds

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Examples of Organic Compounds

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Chemistry Diga, diga, diga, diga, that’s all folks!

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