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Honda Motor Company : 

Honda Motor Company Presented By: ROHIT KATYAL SEPT , 2010





About Honda Motor Company, Japan : 

About Honda Motor Company, Japan The history of the Honda Motor Company began with the vision of one man - Soichiro Honda. His dream was personal mobility for everyone.Soichiro Honda founded the Honda Motor Company in 1948. In the same year, he designed and engineered the first product of this company - a 50 cc motorised bike on a bicycle frame.

Honda's Global Vision : 

Honda's Global Vision Soichiro's vision was international in character. His desire was to lead the world in technology, and make a significant contribution to the creation of a better society. As a result, most of the products that Honda developed started out by making a difference. Whether it was the CVCC engine in the sixties or the solar powered car of the nineties, they all sought to challenge and overcome conventional wisdom.

Company Description : 

Company Description Automotive Manufacturers – Major Automobiles Motorcycles Power Products Financial Services Honda is the World’s Largest motorcycle manufacturer but is most known for its automotive industry

Innovation Everywhere : 

Innovation Everywhere Honda is already, and literally, making big strides in the development of the world's first humanoid robot. Christened ASIMO, it is designed on the presumption that if a robot could walk like a human, it may be able to work like one. Honda is also taking to the skies with its very own aircraft technology. It took a 30-man team only six years to develop a prototype.

Introduction : 

Introduction Building ASIMO was an incredible challenge for Honda engineers. In addition to powerful computers and sophisticated software, ASIMO represents years of research in many scientific fields like Mathematics, Physics - the study of motion .




ASIMO’S SPECIFICATION Honda engineers created ASIMO with 34 Degrees of Freedom that help it walk and perform tasks much like a human. One Degree of Freedom is the ability to move right and left or up and down. These degrees of freedom act much like human joints for optimum movement and flexibility.

Honda In India : 

Honda In India Honda Siel Cars India Ltd., (HSCI) was incorporated in December 1995 as a joint venture between Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan and Siel Limited, a Siddharth Shriram Group company, with a commitment to providing Honda’s latest passenger car models and technologies, to the Indian customers. The total investment made by the company in India till date is Rs 1620 crores in Greater Noida plant. The company’s product range includes Honda Jazz, Honda City, Honda Civic and Honda Accord which are produced at the Greater Noida

Sales Network : 

Sales Network Honda Cars in India has a strong sales and distribution network spread across the country. The network includes 117 facilities in 70 cities. HSCI dealerships are based on the “3S Facility” (Sales, Service, Spares) format, offering complete range of services to its customers.

Awards Achieve by Honda in 2010 : 

Awards Achieve by Honda in 2010 Honda Jazz NDTV Profit – Car India & Bike India Awards 2010

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