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Here are the simple steps to clean your Washing Machine. Best Washing Machine Repair service center provided by Doorstep Hub. For more details Call +91-88866 88666.


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Washing Machine Cleaning Tips Washing Machine is the common appliance in home. Washing machines are great at cleaning your clothes but who washes the washers. By following some steps were going to keep these things smelling great for years. No matter what kind of washer you have doing load after load day in and day out. Its going to result in an excess of soap scrum and that soap and that soap scrum is like a magnet for lint and other things floating around in the wash and that can really start stink over time. Step 1: Cleaning the Gasket Front-load washers are especially prone because they have this gasket inside a lot of water gets trapped a lot of soap scrum and lint. Because of it uses less water theres less to force that entire scrum out. There’s a drain hole right here and you want that to be free of obstruction so that water can drain properly. Weekly maintenance can be simple as its just taking a rag and running it along the inside. Step 2: Clean the Filter

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To clean the water filter now pretty much every front load washer has one its located on the bottom. You want to open this flap up and youre going to see two parts here. Its very important that before you take out this filter you need to grab this tube and drain any extra water and now it is ready to remove the filter unscrew it and pull straight out this is something we can just walk over to the sink and wash with hot water and soap. If theres a lot of scrum in there you could use a toothbrush. Step 3: Clean the Tub If you look online theres a lot of cleaning agents and combinations of cleaning agents that you can find to clean your washing machine you might have lime juice some commercially available products. Here we choose two best cleaning agents like baking soda and vinegar. Just take a quarter cup of baking soda to add an equal amount of water and pour it into your detergent dispenser. Next add two cups of white vinegar to the inside of the drum and run a cycle on hot some washing machines have a self-clean feature this would be the time to run that cycle but dont forget to check the manual first. Step 4: Keep the tube dry between washes Now do need a humid environment to survive so one of the best things you can do is not let this space get humid as soon as the wash cycle is done. Take the wet clothes out and whenever the washer is not running leave the door cracked open also if you have high-efficiency machines be sure to use high-efficiency detergent. Now if you have a top loader youre probably not going to run into same odor issues that you would with front loader but if you do or even if you dont and you just want to give it a scrub you can follow the same instructions that we gave with how to clean the tube on front loader. So those are the simple steps cleaning a washing machine just follow them once a month and you should have no problems with odor or soap scrum. For more details contact +91-88866 88666 best Washing Machine Service Center and get the best services.

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