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The Steps of the Website Redesign Process


When an organization takes on a website redesign, it generates hype and excitement, creating a sense of empowerment for the project owners. However, only by empowering the end-users of the site can the project owners achieve and sustain their long-term goals. While this is no small task, it is one that can be managed, systematically executed, and driven by reliable data.


The Typical Website Redesign Process: 1: Hire a vendor that excels in technical prowess and skill, that is, the team of .NET mavericks. 2: Conduct internal stakeholder meetings. 3: Define an information architecture based on the organization’s internal structure. 4: Develop high-fidelity wireframes.


5: Create pixel-perfect design comps that represent each page. 6: Implement the website according to the recommendations of the vendor. 7: Enter (or dynamically migrate) existing content; create some new content.


8: Go through a level of QA. 9: Launch the website. 10: Bask in the glory of the completed project.


11: Field requests for changes because the “website no longer meets our needs.” 12: Get the leadership team together to ask, “Is it time to redesign the website?”



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