Corn Flakes Are Manufacturing Using High Quality Materials


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Corn flakes is a breakfast cereal products made by mixing corn with minerals and vitamins to make them as healthy using maize starchy and corn grits raw materials.


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Corn Flake Manufacturing Technology

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About Corn Flakes Corn flakes are meals made by mixing corn with glucose minerals and vitamins to make them as healthy as possible. For generating the fancy flakes exclusively engineered flaker will be used. Today corn flakes are known as a breakfast cereal products in the world in particular and usually taken with juice and milk. Maize is the significant raw materials used for the produce of corn flakes.

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Raw Materials For Manufacturing There are two types of raw materials for manufacturing corn flakes one corn meal. it can be combined the maize starchy foods or in set proportion. The other one material is corn grits it also can mix some spice during the manufacturing process. Maize Starchy Corn Grits

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The Process Of Corn Flakes Is Raw Material : - The best materials are difficult hole maize because of its visibility after gelatinization and good looking of the items. Adopting The Drying-Degerming Method: To control the wetness with the hot vapor and hot mineral water going above 90 ℃. And then to pre-grind the maize without bacteria. Ingredients: - To add the sodium malt and the other ingredients with the standard water during food preparation the grits.

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The Process Of Corn Flakes Is Drying: - To dry and extrude the grits at 66 ℃ until the wetness is 19 %~20% awesome it down to 30 ~40℃. Then to media the skip out to 0.7 ~1mm steel roller. Roasting: - Temperature is 250 to 350 ℃ Time is 20 to150 a few seconds. to create the wetness down to 10 %. To fry the snacks with the heat range not surpass 200 ℃. Spraying Enhancer: - To spray with vitamin material to make it increased maize snacks or distribute on flavor and sugar taste if necessary.

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The Process Of Corn Flakes Is Corn Cleaning Peeling and Degerming Classifying Finished Products Packing Cooling Rolling Toasting Cooking Drying Rlending

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Machinery Equipment The machineries equipment are need for manufacturing corn flakes Machinery Equipment Quantity Storage Mixer Extruder Cooker Coating Machine Storage Bin Packaging Machine Fuel Storage tank Laboratory Equipment

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Nutrition of Corn Flakes A cup of Corn Flakes will also offer you with some of your everyday micronutrients: Iron: 45 Thiamin B1: 25 Riboflavin B2: 25 Niacin B3: 25 Vitamin B6: 25 Folate: 25 Vitamin B12: 25 Vitamin A: 10 Vitamin C: 10 Vitamin D: 10

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