Corn flakes - a popular and healthy breakfast cereal products

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Corn flakes is a good and healthy breakfast cereal products and it is the most important meals of the day as it replenishes our body's energy. Contact shantis food for nutritious & healthiest corn flakes.


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Corn Flakes Nutritious and Healthiest Breakfast Cereal Products

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Corn Flakes - Breakfast Cereal Products We all know breakfast is the most important meals of the day as it replenishes our bodys energy. Corn flakes are a popular and healthy breakfast cereal products and its manufacturing from natural corn with iron and A C and B group vitamins. Corn flakes have an excellent low fat and glucose content - just dont add too much glucose if you like a more gratifying taste It is easy to make provides lot of energy as well as good tasty and healthy. Moreover it is available almost everywhere sharp crispy and what a way to start the day with this. One of the main benefits is it is available in different tastes and amounts.

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How to Select ● Choose corn flakes that are sealed packed in an container. ● Check the manufacturing date expiry date. ● Check Flavour. Different Corn flakes Flavoured are readily available in market. ● It is also come with fortified Calcium Iron and other vital nutrients. How to Select Corn Flakes

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Calories Nutrition in Corn Flakes Calories Nutrition ● Quantity: - 1 cup 25 gm ● Carbohydrates: - 21.7 gm ● Sugar: - 3 gm ● Protein: - 1.7 gm ● Fibre: - Low ● Calories: - 95

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Health Benefits Cereal products should always be absorbed along with nuts fruits or milk etc to make them more healthy or best for you. Some of major benefits of breakfast cereals corn flakes. ● Low sugar and calorie: - It is known as nutritionally beneficial as it includes low glucose material and less calorie consumption. As it contains fewer calorie consumption it is also low in fat content. This breakfast meal is known as the best meal compared to the other types of meals consumed enjoying which are rich in fat and glucose content.

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Health Benefits ● Rich in minerals and vitamins: - Corn flakes is known to be loaded with vitamin and iron content. It is an excellent way to rich source of vitamin A B C D and E. Most of these items also consist of nut products such as almonds. There are items such as raisins honey and so forth. ● Easy to digest: - Corn flakes are light to eat and they can be digested quickly as compared to other breakfast cereal products. Most of the health conscious people love to consume corn flakes as they are rich in essential minerals vitamins and proteins etc. ● Flavors: - In the days this unique cereals was available in one taste. Today it is available in a vast number of tastes such as bananas apple candy bananas apple and so forth.

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Corn Flakes -Healthy Breakfast Recipe Corn flakes healthy breakfast cereal with milk and fruits Lets have a look at the first healthier breakfast recipe Serves-1 Cooking- 2 minutes Preparation- 2 minutes Total time- 4 minutes Level of difficulty- easy Ingredients: Low fat milk-1 glass Banana- 1 sliced Grapes- 5 to 10 as many you like Honey- 1 Tbsp Dates- 1 sliced Corn flakes- 100 g Handful Incorporate any other fruit of your choice

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● The Breakfast meal is considered a vital meal of the day but most of the people miss breakfast in the morning due to lack of your time. Cereal products are generally combined with vegetables and fruits fruit juice milk etc to enjoy maximum benefits from the product. Busy professionals typically love to prefer breakfast cereals as they are easy to prepare and usually take a shorter period to eat. ● The most common wellness breakfast options include oatmeal muesli and corn flakes. The choice enjoying cereals are different individually for each individual and available in adequate amount in the market. Corn flakes were discovered by wellness experts Dr. David Harvey Kellogg as he did highly believe that dull food decreases passion and your outputs too. Nutritious Healthiest Corn Flakes

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Corn Flakes Manufacturers Exporters In India Contact Us Shanti Foods India Bhavnagar Road Bhagyalaxmi Ind. Estate B/H. Mahesh Timber Rajkot-360003 Gujarat India Email ID: - Blog: - Fax: - +91-281-2384518

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