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The GRE Subject Tests are achievement tests that measure knowledge in a particular field of study. It shows what you know about a specific subject can help you stand out from other applicants by emphasizing your knowledge and skill level in a specific area. GT Prep is the institute which is specialized in providing accurate and latest materials for GRE, read more @


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GRE SUBJECT GT Prep provides focused and in-depth preparation material and strategies for maximizing your scoring potential for the subject GRE. What is the GRE Subject Test? The GRE® Subject Tests are designed to measure and demonstrate your achievement in a specific field of study. The GRE subject tests have been developed by committees of examiners, who have the necessary expertise in their respective disciplines. What subjects are tested in the subject GRE? The GRE subject test is provided in the following subjects Biology The Biology test will comprise of around 190 multiple-choice questions related to the following sub-sections Cellular and Cellular and Molecular Biology organismal Biology Ecology and Evolution.


2. Chemistry The GRE subject test for chemistry comprises of around 130 multiple-choice questions related to the subject of chemistry and contain questions related to the following sub-sections Analytical chemistry Inorganic chemistry Organic chemistry You would be provided with a periodic table as a part of the printed booklet for the paper-based test in order to answer the questions. 3. Literature in English The literature test for subject GRE will consist of 230 questions based on the following genres. Poetry Drama Biography Essay Novel Literary Theory Criticism History of Language The questions can be divided into two groups –


Analytical questions For the analytical sections you will be given a passage, which could be of prose or poetry and you would be asked to answer questions related to the passage. You would need to answer questions related to the literary techniques, form and structure and the other aspects of the passage. Factual questions The factual questions test a student on how they have understood the passage and make associations with facts related to the passage. You may be asked to identify the author, or period in which the work was written based on the style of the passage. Mathematics 4. Physics The GRE subject test in physics tests the students on their proficiency in physics. Students will be tested on a combination of the following sub topics Classical Mechanics Electromagnetism Optics and wave phenomena Thermodynamics Quantum Mechanics Atomic Physics Special relativity Lab methods


Who can take the GMAT general test? Students who intend to study in a graduate business program in a business school or university that is globally recognized, most typically take the GMAT exam. Eligibility criteria for the general GMAT In order to be able to take the GMAT test, you should satisfy the following criteria. you are a student who has completed or are in the final year of your Bachelor’s program You are more than 18 years old Guidelines for GMAT The GMAT general test can be taken at multiple locations across India You can register for the test both through mail and online The GMAT is a computer adaptive test, which means that the questions get more challenging if you answer the previous questions correctly and vice versa You can choose to take the test on any date all through the year


Psychology The psychology subject test for the Subject GRE is designed for students who intend to complete their graduation in the subject of psychology and comprises of around 200 to 215 multiple choice questions from the following sections Experimental and natural science Social science General psychology The student will be given 2 hours and 50 minutes to complete the test Who can take the GRE Subject test? The GRE subject tests can be taken by students who have completed a major in the subject as part of their undergraduate programs. Students who have an extensive background in a particular subject and plan to complete their Masters in the subject can also choose to give the GRE subject test for their chosen field Eligibility criteria for the Subject GRE You are eligible to give the Subject GRE if you satisfy the following criteria. you are a student who has completed or is in the final year of your undergraduate course. You have majored in the subject for which you are planning to give the subject GRE or have extensive knowledge of the same


Guidelines for GRE The GRE Subject test can be taken at multiple locations across India You can register for the test both through mail and online The GRE subject test is a paper-based test and can be taken three times a year, in September, October and April. Cost of taking the GRE Subject The GRE subject test will cost 150 USD for each subject for students in India Results of the GRE Subject The GRE subject tests are scored on a scale ranging from 200 to 990 with 10-point increments. Preparation tips for taking GRE Subject test Plan to prepare at least six months before your test date Spend a stipulated or pre-decided amount of time each day in preparation for the test Read a lot of books, content, online material related to the subject of your choosing including reference books to update your knowledge base of the subject Take as many mock tests as possible to gain confidence in attempting the test Pay attention to the type of questions asked in the mock tests and practice answering the questions in the allotted time Make sure you eat a healthy diet and get adequate sleep before the test so that you are at your peak and can perform your best Rely on reputed and capable GRE coaching centers to polish your skills for giving the GRE


Our strategies to help you achieve success in GRE Subject GRE Test Preparation State of the art classrooms with latest technology aided instruction Customized syllabus that is patterned on research into past years GRE exams Experienced faculty with the expertise to teach students at different levels of readiness Group study programs that encourage introspection and motivate you to prepare better Mock tests that are simulated to mimic your experience on test day Personalized assistance in booking test dates and register in the test center of your choice

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