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The GMAT Exam is a computer test intended to assess analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in English for admissions to the MBA program. Read more the GMAT Coaching offered at GT Prep @


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GMAT COACHING GT Prep is the best resource for students for preparation for GMAT. The faculty at GT Prep has many years of experience in training students from diverse educational backgrounds for taking a variety of competitive tests including GMAT. We are aware of the intense competition and high stress that students are exposed to during these exams and hence we adapt an holistic approach to training the students in order to boost their confidence and performance. What is the GMAT The GMAT is a computer-adaptive and multiple-choice questions based standardized test that is a mandatory requirement by many Business schools and universities, as a part of the admission process for their post graduate business programs or MBA programs across the world.  The test has been designed and developed  by the GMAC, with a view to provide business schools around the world with a  standardized common measure by which to gauge the preparedness  of  an applicant for taking up graduate level work in the fields of business and management. A high score in the GMAT exam can have a direct positive impact on your admission


What does the GMAT test? The GMAT test, which is designed to gauge whether or not you are ready for the rigors of an MBA program will test your skills and knowledge in the following four main areas Analytical Writing Assessment In this section you would be provided a single task which would ask you to analyze and argument and provide your conclusions. The task would be for a  6.0 grade scale qualitative assessment and you would be given 30 minutes to complete the task. This section would assess your ability to think logically and write an unbiased critique of the argument. Integrated Reasoning In this section you would be tested on your ability to decipher and put together complex data and provide solutions to specific problems related to the data set provided.There would be  12 questions in all from different parameters of data types, and you would be given 30 minutes to answer the questions. This section is scored on a scale of 0 to 6


Quantitative section The Quantitative Section will assess your ability to comprehend and solve word and diagrammatic problems and answer them for quantitative analysis.  There will be 37 questions in all, which you would be expected to answer in 75 minutes. The section is scored on a 0 to 60 points and contain two types of questions problem solving and data sufficiency Verbal section The verbal section consists of questions related to Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Correction. There are 41 questions in all that would be assigned 0 to 60 points. You would be given 75 minutes to answer the questions on this section. Who Can Take the GMAT General Test? Students who intend to study in a graduate business program in a business school or university that is globally recognized, most typically take the GMAT exam.


Who can take the GMAT general test? Students who intend to study in a graduate business program in a business school or university that is globally recognized, most typically take the GMAT exam. Eligibility criteria for the general GMAT In order to be able to take the GMAT test, you should satisfy the following criteria. you are a student who has completed or are in the final year of your Bachelor’s program You are more than 18 years old Guidelines for GMAT The GMAT general test can be taken at multiple locations across India You can register for the test both through mail and online The GMAT is a computer adaptive test, which means that the questions get more challenging if you answer the previous questions correctly and vice versa You can choose to take the test on any date all through the year


Preparation tips for GMAT Plan to prepare at least six months before your test date Make sure you cover all your fundamental concepts in English and Math before attempting the test Read books and material of every genre to polish your reading comprehension and verbal skills Take mock tests on computer in order to familiarize yourself to the computer adaptive nature of the test Time yourself as you take the tests to make sure you can complete each section within the stipulated time Eat a healthy diet and get adequate rest before the actual day of the test Rely on a good, reputed and competent GMAT coaching centers for training you to give your best


Cost of taking the GMAT general The GMAT costs 250 USD for students in India Results of the GMAT general You will be able to see your scores except for the essay section on the computer as soon as you compete the test. You will then have the option of deciding whether you want the scores to be reported to the business schools where you have applied or to cancel the score. The scores are reported in the following manner The total GMAT score will range from 200 to 800 in 10 point increments. The score reflects the candidate’s performance in both the Verbal and the Quantitative sections. The Analytical writing assessment score will range from 0 to 6 in half-point increments. The integrated reasoning score will range from 1 to 8 in one point increments.


Our strategies to help you achieve success in GMAT General GMAT Test Preparation State of the art classrooms with the best and latest technology aided instruction Customized syllabus that is based on our in depth research into past years GMAT exams Experienced faculty who have the competence and expertise to teach students from diverse educational backgrounds Mock tests that are designed to mimic your experience on test day Personalized assistance for booking test dates and test centers

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