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How does your media product represent particular social groups? :

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

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My music magazine represents those who are interested in Hip hop and R&B music. I have decided that the age range should vary from 16-24 years of age as the main image is of a young female character. This also contributes to the representation of this particular social group as the person shown is of a young age and also dressed like an artist who would perform this genre and style of music. We could argue that the magazine is mainly aimed at male audiences as the person shown on the front cover is a very attractive young lady although the aim of the magazine when originally creating it is for those who are male or female; there is no particular gender.

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The way in which the person displayed on the front cover is of a young age, clearly in the age boundaries of 16-24. This will attract the eyes on young people as it is evident that the character is young and the way in which she is dressed is classy, young and up to date with today's fashion. Because of the way in which she is posed and the angle of the camera being very direct and of a medium shot, will help appeal to the audience and helps viewers to establish the type of magazine and genre that it is. The image stands out meaning that those of a young age will be more likely to spot it out and show more interest.

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My magazine represents different social groups such as Trackies and Blingers but also ordinary individual people who enjoy reading hip hop magazines in which I found this out on UK Tribes. This was done by the use of images in my magazine which people from these subcultures and social groups can relate to as they may dress similarly and may also be attracted to the style. The use of pictures was very convenient to represent these specific social groups because this contributes to attracting the appropriate audience for the magazine. For example, the model on the front cover represents theses social groups by the use of costume and body posture. The blouse and black jeans represent more of the female audiences of these social groups where as the ray ban glasses contrasts from this bringing in the male audiences as well.

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The pictures throughout the magazine which includes the images on the contents page and double page spread also help the magazine to represent specific social groups by their body posture and the way that they dress. You can also associate this with the colours that they are wearing. On the contents pages we have three different but yet similar images in which two are wearing sun glasses and also a hat included. In one of the images you can see how they are wearing some jewellery which can portray the Blingers social group as they are people who idolise hip hop and R&B artists the most by buying their brands and dressing up similarly to them. On the double page spread we have more of calm and collected images similar to the image on the front cover which this helps represent those who just genuinely enjoy reading urban magazines.

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As well as the images contributing to the representation of different social groups, the design and house style of the magazine also indicates this. The colours used throughout my magazine are red, grey, black and white in which you see many Trackies either liking the colours or wearing them. The style of text used gives an urban kind of feel which is also an aspect of my magazine that represents these specific social groups. I learned that in order to represent a specific type of social group and appeal to that specific audience, research on things that they like whether it be Tv shows, clothing, music or material goods should be done and be acknowledged in order for the magazine to be successful with a high representation of the social group and appeal to them

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