Simple Driving Tips for New Car Drivers

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Simple Driving Tips for new Car Drivers:

Simple Driving Tips for new Car Drivers

Safe Driving Tips for Drivers :

Have you passed your driving test? Itfeels  nice  afteryou  pass sensible driving  test.   After all having lots of practical class and practicing more and more, obvious that gives different feeling to have driving licensee in hand. Survey says, driver that are not trained properly face additional accident than expertise drivers due to false of confidence. Safe Driving Tips for Drivers Here are some safe driving tips for you

Keep Concentrate:

For a new driver it's important to keep total concentration on driving and on road at all time. Avoid being put off by other passengers in the car as this may be a kind of distraction on your driving. Keep Concentrate

Plan Route:

Planning is always good. Especially, when it comes to a long drive, plan your route and plan to stop after every 2 hours at least as a little break is required in long drive. Plan Route

Do not Drink and Drive:

For new driver, ideally do not drink and drive as Alcohol gives a false sense of confidence, reduces co-ordination, slows down reactions, and affects judgment of speed, distance and risk Do not Drink and Drive

Drive calmly:

Keep relax and drive calmly that will improve your driving skills and keep checking driving speed on dashboard. If any aggressive driver wants to overtake you then allow extra room and let him go and come back on your position. Drive calmly

Never drive in SPEED:

Seeing many new drivers, they have got habit to take friends in a car to show off and drive too fast. This can be very dangerous too drive fast. Never drive in SPEED

Share the Road:

Share the Road

Be careful in Poor Weather:

Be careful in Poor Weather

Don’t Drive While Drowsy :

Don’t Drive While Drowsy

Get yourself trained PROPERLY:

Always get trained from Professional and Expert Instructor. Getting trained from expert instructor help to improve your driving skills. Get yourself trained PROPERLY

Always wear SEAT BELT:

Always wear SEAT BELT

Avoid Phone Calls While Driving:

Avoid Phone Calls While Driving

PowerPoint Presentation:

Be a DEFENSIVE Driver, Not an AGGRESSIVE Driver!!!

PowerPoint Presentation:

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