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The Story of Franklin and Harriet:

The Story of Franklin and Harriet Narrated by: Shane Larson

A Brother’s Love:

A Brother’s Love Lending a helping hand Reading stories Most of all, LOVE

Playing on the Slide:

Playing on the Slide Harriet went down the slide There was a big puddle at the bottom UH….OH….

Covered in Mud:

Covered in Mud Harriet lands in the mud Harriet starts to cry

Taking a Bath:

Taking a Bath He gave his stuffed animal to Harriet Their Father gave Harriet a Bath

Looking for Sam:

Looking for Sam Franklin was looking for Sam Harriet was already asleep Harriet had Sam with her

Fighting for Sam:

Fighting for Sam Franklin and Harriet began fighting They ripped off his tail

Sharing is Caring:

Sharing is Caring Franklin did not want to share Harriet could not reach Sam Franklin hid Sam in the closet

Going for a Walk:

Going for a Walk Franklin’s mom wanted to go for a walk Harriet came with them

Getting Cranky:

Getting Cranky Franklin gave his mother flowers Harriet began to get tired

Everyone is Happy:

Everyone is Happy Franklin had an idea He helped make Harriet happy again



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