Tips to Improve Conversion Rate of your Ecommerce Site

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Here are 3 suggests that you need to implement in order to increase conversions.


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Starting an Ecommerce platform is only half the battle, with driving consumers and increasing conversion rate the obvious challenge. If your aim is to make your store visitors get converted into customers, it is pre-requisite to design a user-friendly website. From simplifying the checkout process to making it easier to find products, it is important that you provide a good shopping experience to your visitors . Here are 3 suggests that you need to implement in order to increase conversions.


Include High Quality Product Images Whether it is B2C or B2B ecommerce software, it really doesn’t matter if your site does not have good images. Product photography is an important component of ecommerce that simply cannot be ignored. Studies have also shown that from the sales point of view, bigger product images seem to work better irrespective of the product type. Posting nicely shot product images from different angles allows the visitors to view the product closely. Choose high resolution images that accurately represent your products and moreover provide a variety of views. You can also add zoom feature for images on product page, which helps you to examine the image in finer detail.   Include Pictures of Happy Customers Including images of happy customers in your Online ecommerce solution can help to increase your customer’s trust in your products. These images act as recommendations from customers, a powerful marketing strategy to increase conversions. So apart from testimonials make sure to add images, which is sure to have a positive influence on potential customers.


Include Demo Video Many times, it is not possible to write the features in product description. A product demo will give a better understanding of the product. It will help to explain the product in its totality. Demo videos show the product in action; provide an in-depth review of the product. All this can have a positive impact on buying decision, which may contribute to increase conversion rate.

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