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SearchBlox is an enterprise search solution that is created on a unique platform like Apache Lucene. You can take help of this out-of-the box and fast faceted search engine to accomplish desired goals.


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Search Blox: 

Search Blox SearchBlox is a leading provider of enterprise search solutions based on Apache Lucene/ Solr . Over 300 customers in 30 countries use SearchBlox to power their website, intranet and custom search. Objective SearchBlox Software Helps You Bring Whole World in Your Search Results.

Introducing SearchBlox to You: 

Introducing SearchBlox to You SearchBlox is a fastest and out-of-the-box enterprise search solution based on Apache Lucene. With the help of progressive search tools offered by SearchBlox, it has become too easy to perform desired searches. It offers crawlers for online websites, file systems, databases and RSS feeds that can be worked on without making special installations. It supports you to setup crawlers easily so as to make sure that users get access to latest information.

SearchBlox Software Inc. Offers You: 

SearchBlox Software Inc. Offers You Local Search Engine The advanced features support you to accomplish geolocation based search for websites and mobile applications. Spatial searches such as polygon based search and bounding box searches support you to obtain geo-tagged information. Website Search Engine SearchBlox offers simplest way for implementing search on websites with the help of Google search appliance. A search box and HTTP collection is needed for crawling your website and extract desired information. eDiscovery It enables users to perform faceted and concept based search on local files, email archives and web letting them discover actual information in accordance with eDiscovery requests.

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Big data Search Efficient tools offered by SearchBlox enable users to search information across multiple search servers using highly distributed searching and indexing. Intranet Search Engine It adds customized search to the intranet for finding content from repositories, share drives, RSS feeds and custom applications. eCommerce Search Ecommerce search offers ready-to-use faceted search results on eCommerce websites by creating aspects of attributes, availability, product names and pricing. …Continue

Key Benefits: 

Key Benefits Automatic metadata indexing Flexible crawling Search results user interface customization Advanced search Multilingual support Reporting Featured results Use of jQuery search plugin Fast searches Efficient outlook search


Why Scalability in technology offered Efficient tools that can be easily installed and configured Flexible crawlers for file systems, databases and websites Allows users to search more than 30 file formats Enterprise support Ease-of-integration


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