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Presentation Outline Snapshot Brief Overview Financial Statements Industry Comparison Current News Technical Analysis Trend Analysis Eval Summary of Valuations Analysts Recommendations Risk Investment Recommendations

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Brief Overview : 

Brief Overview NIKE’s principal business activity is the design, development and worldwide marketing of high quality footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessory product The largest seller of athletic footwear and athletic apparel in the world Distributed in over 160 countries around the world Sell under the NIKE brand, wholly owned subsidiary Converse, Cole Haan, g Series, Bragano, Hurley, NIKE Hockey, and Exeter brands Main competitors have joined with the recent announced acquisition of Reebok by Adidas

Overview : 

Overview Nike’s best year was last year. The US accounts for 46% of revenues. Market Cap doubled in 1 year, mostly due to the growth in US footwear sales. Internet market share makes buying shoes easy. No such thing as bad publicity.

Financial Statements : 

Financial Statements Sales growth has consistently grown over the last four years 4.3% in 02’ 8.1% in 03’ 14.5% in 04’ 12.1% in 05’ Increase in Gross Margin from 39%-45%, however this is not likely to continue to grow in future years Red Flags…

Industry Comparison : 

Industry Comparison

Current News : 

Current News England just banned the use of a chemical that is used in the production of leather shoes. The affects on NIKE have yet to be determined. Adidas announce its acquisition of Reebok. These are the two biggest competitors, who when combined, will be roughly the size of NIKE.

Technical Analysis : 

Technical Analysis Support level 76 dollars per share Resistance level approximately 92 dollars a share In the last Year… Last 5 years… Support level at 39 dollars a share

Technical Analysis Continued… : 

Technical Analysis Continued… In line with its 200 day moving average Has tended to less volatility over the last 2-3 years

Trend Analysis : 

Trend Analysis

Inventory Trends : 

Inventory Trends

Leverage Analysis : 

Leverage Analysis

Operating Cash Flow : 

Operating Cash Flow

Revenue Breakdown : 

Revenue Breakdown

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Summary of Valuations : 

Summary of Valuations

Analysts Recommendations : 

Analysts Recommendations Analysts have a price target between 95-110 dollars depending on one or two year return Consensus recommendation is OUTPERFORM Mean rating is a 1.84, down from a 2.06 two months ago

NIKE Risk : 

NIKE Risk Risk Grade – 103 (Max 134) Over 3/4 of all stocks available are more risky than NIKE

Risk Cont’d : 

Risk Cont’d

Portfolio with NIKE : 

Portfolio with NIKE Risk Grade of 60 vs. current risk grade of 62 An analysis of our current portfolio labels consumer discretionary as the most underweight sector compared to the benchmark Interesting Facts: Nike NEVER made an offer to buy Under Armor They had Nike Shocks well before they were sold in store but decided to hold sale until Michael Jordon retired and his shoe line lost popularity

Investment Recommendations : 

Investment Recommendations Positive: Company has strong potential if it can tap into the foreign markets (China and International Soccer). A purchase of 65 shares would account for 4.65% of the portfolio and would have a market value 5,382 dollars. Negative: Right now too much stress is put on the strength and growth of the US Footwear sector. The abroad sector that is expected to grow contributes a low percentage of overall revenue. However, this does leave room for rapid growth and expansion. The company has doubled its market cap. over the last five years and has seen a very wide trading range between 50 and 90 dollars.

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