Five Coldest Countries the World By Mr Shamim Akhtar


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Learn About Top 5 Coldest Countries around the World By Mr Shamim Akhtar

1 – Greenland:

1 – Greenland Greenland has a very low range of temperatures so it stays cool year round. Because of its close proximity to the Arctic Circle, Greenland’s temperature does not usually exceed 10° Celsius, even in the summer months. The lowest temperature ever recorded there was -66° Celsius. The very cold temperatures of Greenland causes a layer of ice to be present in the country year-round and the low humidity levels will leave you thirsty. Mr Shamim Akhtar

2 – Canada:

2 – Canada Canada is cold Seems like an obvious statement, doesn’t it? Canada, similar to America, has a huge land span, but every province and city has had its fair share of snow. The winter in Canada is usually 5 months per year with the lowest temperature is up to -40 degrees Celsius. The temperature ranges from all the way from -30° Celsius in the winter, to around 24° Celsius in the summer. Mr Shamim Akhtar

3 – Antarctica:

3 – Antarctica We all knew this was coming. Antarctica, this cold, icy desert, seems to be a whole different planet! The temperatures can range from -60° Celsius, to -20° Celsius in the summer months. We Canadians can all find solace in this information; at least we get warm temperatures in the summer! Mr Shamim Akhtar

4 – Iceland:

4 – Iceland Remember being in geography class and learning that Iceland is in fact a bit warmer than Greenland? While that’s true, don’t underestimate Iceland’s ability to reach temperatures below 0 degrees especially year-round.

5 – Estonia:

5 – Estonia We all live in a vast world and we even are not aware of some of the countries that exist. But I am quite sure that this country, Estonia is a similar country which many of us have not heard of and even if some people who know about this country must definitely due to its chilling climate. The temperatures are not as low as other countries present in this list but its cold climate stops the people from living a comfortable and normal life during the winters. Mr Shamim Akhtar


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