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Security Review Project Team Delta:

Security Review Project Team Delta BIS 6113 Brian Whitson Nicole West Scott Hall


Admin Notes Industry Overview Company Overview Potential Vulnerabilities General Security Information Risk Assessment Procedures Security Training Acquisition Assessment Questions Overview

Admin Notes:

The company being reviewed will be known as Smith Company The company acquiring Smith Company will be known as Allen Company Admin Notes

Industry Overview:

We Selected a Medicare Advantage Company Medicare is health insurance for: People 65 or older People under 65 with certain disabilities People of any age with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant) There are different parts of Medicare: Part A- Hospital Insurance Part B- Medical Insurance Part C- Medicare Advantage Part D- Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Industry Overview

Industry Overview:

Medicare Advantage: Offers health plan options run by Medicare-approved private insurance companies. Medicare Advantage Plans are a way to get the benefits and services covered under Part A and Part B. Most Medicare Advantage Plans cover Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D). Some Medicare Advantage Plans may include extra benefits for an extra cost. Highly regulated industry Medicare Laws Fraud, Waste and Abuse Laws Federal False Claims Act HIPAA Industry Overview

Smith Company Overview:

Medicare Advantage Plan Coordinated care plans with a primary focus of: Medicare Advantage plan Prescription Drug Plan Plan Built to: Understand member, by: Delivering quality of care by partnering with doctors and provide them with extra tools to give members the time, attention and quality care they deserve. Goal : Healthier members with lower medical costs. 3,500 Employees Smith Company Overview

Potential Vulnerabilities:

Breach of Personal Health Information (PHI) Name, DOB, Address, SSN, Phone Multiple Systems and Platforms System Conversion Acquisition by Allen Company Potential Vulnerabilities

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