Top Non-Vegetarian Restaurants in Mumbai

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Are you a hardcore non-vegetarian? Does just a glimpse of non-vegetarian food make your mouth water?


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Top Non-Vegetarian Restaurants in Mumbai:

Top Non-Vegetarian Restaurants in Mumbai Are you a hardcore non-vegetarian? Does just a glimpse of non-vegetarian food make your mouth water ? Then you will surely love to satisfy your cravings with these authentic and iconic non-vegetarian flavours of Mumbai .  Check out the list of 5 must visit non-vegetarian restaurants. 


  SARVI Minced meat seasoned with various aromatic herbs and spices, skewered onto metal rods, cooked to perfection in a tandoor; is the definition of the Seekh Kebabs served at Sarvi . Each bite of this Kebab will make you feel like heaven. Not only this, non-vegetarian food items like Aab Ghosht , Chicken Rashida , Mutton Masala, Bheeja Masala are none less than one another.


SATKAR Bombay Duck, popularly known as Bombil is served in an classical way with steamed rice and Fish Curry. Do not mistake Bombay duck for a duck, it is a seasonal fish . Surmai Fish Thali is another dish not to be missed. Surmai fish gravy is made with coconut gravy which is spicy and a bit sour. It is served with Rice or Bhakris .


JAI HIND Another best destination for a seafood lover is Jai Hind. It serves crab, fish, prawns and shellfish that are exquisitely cooked and seasoned with various spices. Chicken Sagoti , Chicken Vindaloo to mention a few are worth to try.


MODERN LUNCH HOME The seafood here is prepared in an authentic style. People order for Pomfret Thali and make sure it’s licked till plate looks clean ! The place is usually full and people have to wait in a queue outside. However, anyone who has been to Modern Lunch Home will agree to the fact that the wait is completely worth it . You can order these food items from Faroma mobile application and relish the authentic non-vegetarian food from these iconic restaurants.

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