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Modern Terms such as Neitizens, Netiquettes, Edutainment, Infotainment, are described in briefly. It will help you to get familiar with the same.


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Understanding Terms & Technologies : 

Understanding Terms & Technologies

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1.Netizens 2.Blogs 3.Edutainment

Netizens : 

Netizens Cit NET A Citizen of the Net. or A citizen of the world. or A Netizen is also known as a “Cybercitizen”. IZEN

Netizens : 

Netizens Netizen: A Citizen of the Net. or A citizen of the world. or A Netizen is also known as a “Cybercitizen”.

Role of Netizen : 

Role of Netizen To make the Net a regenerative and vibrant community and resourceful. To maintain FAQ files and other public information repositories. These are the people who discuss and debate topics in a constructive manner, who e-mail answers to people and provide help to newcomers.


TERMS CyberSpace: is the electronic medium of computer networks, in which online communication takes place. The network area is also called as Virtual Space.

Interacting Session : 

Interacting Session What is the Netizen? Describe any one role of Netizen. What is Cyberspace ?

2. Blog : 

2. Blog In short bLog is Web log, i.e. a blog is a Web Page That serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author. (To author a Web log.) Other forms: Blogger (a person who blogs).

Features of blogs : 

Features of blogs Reverse Chronological Order : Latest entries are displayed at the top. (Last come first Display) Unfiltered content: Opinions are given freely without any restrictions, legal or otherwise. Comments: It can be made on any issue discussed on the blog or from outside.

Characteristics : 

Characteristics A blog gives you your own voice on the web. Its a place to collect and share things that you find interesting. Some function as personal online diaries. Blogs often provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news. Media often use blogs to publish breaking news.

Uses of Blog : 

Uses of Blog Informational Resources: These personal spaces are becoming more and more popular as well as extremely helpful as more and more tech-savvy educational and technological experts are creating their own unique weblogs. Course, Classroom, or School Management Systems : Weblogs can contain course content such as syllabi, assignments, links to articles for reading and updates. Student, Class, Teacher or Art Portfolio‘s : Many weblog tools automatically archive older materials as new content is posted. This is a useful feature, as it allows a student to sift through a term's worth of materials (or more) and draw connections between materials posted at different times during the development process.

Uses of Blog : 

Uses of Blog Collaborations or Collections: Blogs are also being used to connect people and groups over geographical space and time. eg. student-student, class-class, class-expert, student-teacher, teacher-mentor, or teacher-teacher. Other Uses like Electronic Filing Cabinets Professional Learning Community Blogs Enhanced Reading Experience Enhancing Literacy/Language Discussions

Terms :Photoblog, Vlog, Podcasting : 

Terms :Photoblog, Vlog, Podcasting Photoblog: A photoblog (or photolog, or phlog) is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog. It differs from a blog through the predominant use of and focus on photographs rather than text.

Vlog & Podcasting : 

Vlog & Podcasting Vlog: Video blogging is a form of blogging for which the medium is video, and is a form of Internet television. Podcasting: Podcasting is online audio content that is delivered via an RSS feed. Many people liken podcasting to radio on demand.

Interacting Session : 

Interacting Session What is blog? What is Vlog? Define the podcasting?

Edutainment : 

Edutainment “Edutainment” is a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse. It refers to educational entertainment or entertainment-education. Edutainment using television programs, computer and video games, films, music, websites, multimedia software, etc

The applications and features of edutainment : 

The applications and features of edutainment Edutainment seeks to instruct by using some familiar form of entertainment such as television programs, computer and video games, films, music, websites, multimedia software, etc. There are also blogs on edutainment that give the latest news and updates on available software.

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The term “Edutainment” is used to distinguish regular computer games from more educational software. Games which involve problem solving experiences with gentle intelligent creatures may be referred to as edutainment.

Interacting Session : 

Interacting Session What is Edutainment? What are the examples of Edutainment?

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