traditional costume in malaysia

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traditional costume in malaysia…..:

traditional costume in malaysia …..

ethnic Malay traditional clothes.:

ethnic Malay traditional clothes. Shirts ordinary Malays are used in Malaysia and regional countries are usually divided into two, namely Malay clothes and cut pieces Tiny Gulf Blanga Musang . Malay clothes and pans are usually more well-known Bay in southern Malaysia, while a deduction Tiny fox in central and northern Malaysia. Deduction refers to the way the stitching on collar, Tiny pieces such as a collar-shaped fox India is the home button cover or overlap. While the cuts are part of the Gulf Blanga neck just in embroidery sewing. There are various forms of embroidery that are matched as fly eyes, bones eel and others.

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. How to wear clothes which are also found differences for the Gulf Blanga Malay clothes usually worn outside the clothes spin, while the Malay baju Tiny wolf shirts on the spin.

Chinese folk costumes:

Chinese folk costumes Traditional dress for Chinese women's race is the cheongsam. Normally, the cheongsam has a high collar, buttons at the shoulders, form a tight at the waist and the left and right parts of the fabric. It is usually made ​​of silk, satin and fabrics.

folk costumes india:

folk costumes india Traditional dress varies by district in India. Colorful traditional dress and style depends on many factors, especially climate. Clothing fabric disampirkan be a fashion style popular in India. . Women are called sari dress, and men dress in dhoti or lungi mentioned. Sewn clothed also popular, such as salwar kameez which are women. Men wearing kurta pajamas following, in addition to a pair of pants and shirts are also popule European style.

Kadazan costume::

Kadazan costume: This cloth is often used a black cloth embroidered with smth gold thread. It is worn during the celebration of Harvest Festival.

conclusion: :

conclusion: Malaysia is a country with many races and cultures .. every festival celebrated in Malaysia would be bustling with different people and clothing worn by many people already jagu berbeza.ini because Malaysia is a country that is very unique in terms of race, festival and culture

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