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Single punch tablet press : 

Single punch tablet press Sub:current pharmaceutical aspects of industry Presented by R.ARUN KUMAR M.PHARM IST YEAR

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Introduction Single punch tablet press is also called as a eccentric press or single station press It is most simplest machine for tablet manufacturing Single station tablet press employs a single tooling station that is a die and a pair of upper and lower punches This tablet press is available as both manually operated and power driven

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In this single punch tablet press, the compaction force on the fill material is exerted by only the upper punch while the lower punch is immovable such as action equivalent to hammering motion TPM is approximately 60

The tablet press contains fallowing compartments : 

The tablet press contains fallowing compartments HOPER: Hoper may be one or more in number which serves two purposes 1.Firstly to hold granulated feed 2. Secondly to pass it to the feed frame. For subsequent compressing the hopper can be filled manually or by using mechanical equipment

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FEEDING MECHANISM: The feeding mechanism helps in the guiding granulated feed from the hoper into the die cavities. In the single punch a feed shoe which is connected hoper is laid down on die table.

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Tooling set: The basic mechanical and functional unit of tablet presses is the tooling set which compresses of die cavity and a pair of upper and lower punches. The tooling set comprises of a pair of upper and lower and a die cavity which is also called as station. Dies that define the size and shape of the tablet. Punches of compressing the granulation within the die. Cam track guide the position of the punches there connected to the head of the punches.

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The mechanism involved in tablet press is that the compaction of powder blend is accomplished by exerting the presser via upper and lower punches The resultant tablets are formed in the die cavity with their shape and size It involves compression of only the upper punch

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Working The process of tablet compression can be divided into three stages Filling Compression ejection

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Filling: The lower punch falls with in the die leaving a cavity into which a particulate matter flows under the influence a gravity from a hopper. Through tablets are usually described in terms of weight. The die is filled by volumetric process

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Compression: The upper punch, descends ,and its tip enter the die, confining the distance separating the punch force decreases, either by movement of upper punch alone. The porosity of the contents of the dies progressively reduced, and the particles are forced into the over closer proximity to each other.

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Ejection: The upper punch is withdrawn from the die and show the force being applied to the tablet is removed. The effect of this might to be cause the deformed particles to return to their former shape, which would result in a decrease inter-particulate contact and hence tablet strength.

Advantages : The machine structure is rational and small, it s very to operate, and it operates at a high utilization ratio. The machine capable of utilize a high amount of pressure to reduce the weight difference between the tablets while maintaining a low noise level The machine also provides a continuous control over the loading of the raw materials, and the thickness of tablet. Each and every function of this machine can be compared favourably with the imported machines.

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