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Christian Cross On The New Two Rupee Coin! : 

Christian Cross On The New Two Rupee Coin! Cross is the principal symbol of the Christian religion, faith and Christ himself. Cross is an indication of victory - its four projections represent rule of Christianity over the breadth, length, height and depth of all creation. Why should and for what reason the government of India have the 'X' sign on the coin? Are we living in a Catholic country like Italy or Spain or Portugal where Roman Catholicism is the religion of the State and the people? Engraving a St. Andrews Cross ( Crux Decussata) on the Indian Rs. 2 coins is a result of the calculated motive of the Italian-led government to spread Christianity in India. It is a fraud committed, not only on the so-called secularism of the country, but also on the Constitution and the conscience of our people. It is indeed outrageous and atrocious that the beautiful map of India in the previous version of the coin minted in 2000 has been removed and replaced with this lousy Cross in 2006. Two sides of Rs. 2 coin; 2000 version (top) and 2006 version, with the cross (bottom)

Following types of Christian crosses validate the claim that the cross-like figure is a Christian cross : 

Following types of Christian crosses validate the claim that the cross-like figure is a Christian cross A cross voided throughout, also known as the gammadia, can be seen as a Greek cross with its centre lines removed, or as composed of four angles (L shapes) separated by a thin space. The name gammadia refers to its being made up of four shapes similar to a capital Greek letter gamma. This is the third letter of the Greek alphabet, which can symbolize the Holy Trinity. The four angles represent the four Gospels being spread to the four corners of the earth, and the voided lines show us that Christ left the cross to proclaim His victory over sin, death, and the devil. The Saltire with a "sky blue" coloured field. Used in Scotland’s national flag and the naval ensign of the Russian Navy, it is also called the Saltire, the Boundary Cross (because it was used by the Romans as a barrier) and the crux decussata. Saint Andrew is believed to have suffered a martyr's death on such a cross, hence its name. The cross does not have to be at this particular angle to qualify as a saltire; the symbol ‘X’ can also be considered a St. Andrew's Cross. Lebanese Forces Cross Inspired from the eastern crosses it symbolizes 3 things: 1- The Cross of the savior Jesus Christ In red, the sign of martyrdom and glory. 2- The bearing cross of the Lebanese Christians The sign of their suffering throughout history. 3- The Diagonal cut at the base of the cross It symbolizes the strength of the Lebanese Christians’ will and their determination to keep the cross planted in their region of the world.

Copying a French coin! : 

Copying a French coin! The 2 Rupee Coin issued in 2006 bearing the 'Christian Cross’ resembles the Gold Coin (above) issued by Louis the Pious (778 AD-840 AD), also known as Louis I, Louis the Fair, and Louis the Debonaire. He was Emperor and King of France from 814 to his death in 840. It can be clearly seen that this French coin and the new 2 Rupee coin bear the St. Andrews Cross with four dots. The picture of the gold coin issued by Louis the Pious (778-840), French Emperor. Louis the Pious

British voided Cross Pennies! : 

British voided Cross Pennies! The new Rs. 2 coin looks quite similar to the British Cross Pennies. Are we going to become British Slaves once again? These are the British long cross pennies...

The four dots on the coin are the four Gospels : 

The four dots on the coin are the four Gospels The Jerusalem cross has four arms at equal distances, symbolizing the four directions, and the belief that Jerusalem was the spiritual center of the earth. The four additional crosslets represent the spread of Christ's message through the four Gospels: Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke and Gospel of John (named after four evangelists). The four dots in the new two rupee coin are these four crosslets only! Jerusalem cross Templar knight wearing crusader’s cross During the days of the Crusades and the Byzantine Empire, they were known a Besants. Four dots (besants) on the cross of Louis the Pious (9th century) later evolved into the 'Jerusalem Cross' which was used as a coat of arms for the Latin kingdom in Jerusalem. It was also called 'Crusader's Cross' during the Crusades.

The Final Analysis showing that it is a Christian Cross! : 

The Final Analysis showing that it is a Christian Cross! These four crosslets on the Jerusalem cross and the four dots on the two rupee coin are the 4 Gospels If you rotate the Cross Voided to 45 degrees Just like the Saltire It is clearly the cross on the Indian coin It is obvious now that the dangerously modified “design” is a Christian-Cross or the UPA-CROSS!

This indeed is unfortunate : 

This indeed is unfortunate 1. Who is behind all this calculated national mischief? 2. Is it the Congress Party and its pseudo-secular anti-Hindu allies? 3. Is it Sonia Gandhi and her caucus with its own convoluted conduit pipes? 4. Is it an over enthusiastic Christian bureaucrat dreaming of a Padma award or some sinecure post after his retirement? 5. Is the UPA-led government of Manmohan Singh favouring the Christian community just to keep the Italian Christian Sonia Gandhi in good humour? 6. Is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh acting as a mere puppet of Sonia Gandhi who is behaving like a de facto Empress of India? 7. Is the secular government of India openly using the sign like the Cross on Indian coins to encourage the spread of Christianity in India? These are the questions that can be asked by every responsible and enlightened citizen in India today.

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RBI ‘explains’ the cross as representing unity of people living in all the four directions of India; but it is quite evident that it is a symbol of conversion of Indians to Christianity in all the four directions of the Indian Republic. If you think that this action of RBI mints is an insult to Indian Constitution then sign the online petition for withdrawal of these new two rupee coins. Following is the link: http://www.petitiononline.com/cross2cn/ What can you do?

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