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Obokash Travels also handles the hassle of visa and is one of the best visa-processing agencies in Bangladesh leaving approved visa at your doorstep.


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 visa is a legit form of identity that allows the legal entry of a people in a different country. Although passport works in the same manner to prove that you are legal to access the particular country or state the main difference between a passport and a visa is in the time period.

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 When one wishes to travel to another country it is mandatory that the person have a visa. Our visa- processing agency in Bangladesh will get the visa for you. Many Bangladeshis have traveled internationally for tourism by us as our visa agency in Bangladesh got them their visa.

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 Work visa is also the type of visa that is applied most in Bangladesh by her locals. Most people search in the internet for Europe work visa for Bangladeshi. If you are looking for work permit visa in Australia from Bangladesh then we can definitely help you out

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 To improve their financial condition as well as to remove poverty many Bangladeshis move abroad to have a better lifestyle Residency Study Medical Treatment Immigration As a developing country Bangladesh yet lacks in medical field. Many treatments and surgical instruments are yet not available in Bangladesh. Thus most people go abroad for better medical service To get a good life with a good financial backup and get a freedom from poverty many people from Bangladesh migrates into the developed countries. Most Bangladeshis have moved to Canada Australia and few other countries of the world for this purpose. This is something that happens the most in Bangladesh. A huge number of students travel abroad for education. Our visa- processing agency in Bangladesh has been sending many students as the number of students is increasing day by day

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 Obokash travels know how much hassle and frustration a person has to face the due to the complex system laws rules and regulation of visa processing. Keywords: Visa processing agency in Bangladesh Visa processing agency Best visa processing agency  Contact With Us  Utopia Aadit first floor near Vatara Police station natunbazar house 3 road 1a block j Baridhara Dhaka-1212

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