Abdominal Access Techniques and Creation of Pneumoperitoneum

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Abdominal Access Techniques/Creation of Pneumoperitoneum:

Lahore laparoscopic surgery training course MIDCITY HOSPITAL JAIL ROAD LAHORE Lahore Laparoscopic Surgery Training Center 1 Abdominal Access Techniques/Creation of Pneumoperitoneum

Access Techniques:

Access Techniques 2 In Laparoscopic Surgery the first entry into the abdomen with telescope and Instruments is called Access technique.

Access Techniques:

Access Techniques Two Types Open Technique Closed Technique

Access Techniques:

Access Techniques Closed Technique Closed Technique is the safe Access Technique


The Light Source The quality of the image depends upon the quantity of light available at each step of the system A typical light source is consist of ·        A lamp ·        A heat filter ·        A condensing lens and ·        Manual or automatic intensity control circuit Instrumentations in Laparoscopy

The Light Source:

The Light Source The Lamp Halogen Halogen Halide Xenon Most Frequently used two main lamps are halogen and xenon


Why xenon light source is better? Light emitted is more natural Cold light More intense > more than 300 Watts Heat Filters are used White balancing is important


Laparoscope/Endoscope Lahore Laparoscopic Surgery Training Center 8 Structure of Endoscopes


Lahore Laparoscopic Surgery Training Center 9 Parts of Endoscopes


Laparoscopes/Endoscopes Function of Endoscopes Focal Length Brightness Depth of Field Periphery Light Loss (vignette)


Laparoscopes/Endoscopes Choice of Endoscopes Direction (angle) of View Caliber of Endoscopes Practical Issues

Video Camera:

Video Camera The Camera Head Camera Control Unit Choice of Camera Systems


Types of Cameras Single Chip Three Chip High Definition Cameras


Monitors CRT Monitors (Medical Grade) LCD High Definition (Medical Grade Monitors)

Working Instruments:

Working Instruments Hand Instrumants Disposables Reusables

Hand Instruments:

Hand Instruments Handle Outer Sheath Inserts

Hand Instruments:

Hand Instruments Structure and function Diameter Length Freedom of movements

Basic Laparoscopic Instruments:

Basic Laparoscopic Instruments Veress needle Trocars Forceps Graspers Hook Pair of Scissors Suction irrigation system Clip Applier/Clips Needle Holder

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