arboviral disease

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arboviral disease


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Dengue :

Dengue Epidemiological determinants

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I. Virus

Dengue Virus:

Dengue Virus Causes dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever Is an arbovirus Composed of single-stranded RNA Has 4 serotypes (DEN-1, 2, 3, 4) Transmitted by mosquitoes

Dengue Viruses:

Dengue Viruses Each serotype provides specific lifetime immunity, and short-term cross-immunity All serotypes can cause severe and fatal disease Genetic variation within serotypes Some genetic variants within each serotype appear to be more virulent or have greater epidemic potential

Transmission of Dengue Virus by Aedes aegypti:

Transmission of Dengue Virus by Aedes aegypti Viremia Viremia Extrinsic incubation period Days 0 5 8 12 16 20 24 28 Human #1 Human #2 Illness Mosquito feeds / acquires virus Mosquito refeeds / transmits virus Intrinsic incubation period Illness

Replication and Transmission of Dengue Virus (Part 1):

Replication and Transmission of Dengue Virus (Part 1) 1. Virus transmitted to human in mosquito saliva 2. Virus replicates in target organs 3. Virus infects white blood cells and lymphatic tissues 4. Virus released and circulates in blood 3 4 1 2

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