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DIGITAL NETWORK MARKETING A Junior Distributor Training Course (3*-8*)


天狮集团 PPT 演示模版标题 ×× 中心 ×× 部 2007 年 9 月 11 日 0. O Mentality : When enter the NWM business, the 1st thing you need is 0 Mentality regarding training , a positive attitude! We don’t know what we don’t know! If you presume you know everything, you can’t learn, then you won’t earn! Learn to Earn! Learn and earn


天狮集团 PPT 演示模版标题 ×× 中心 ×× 部 2007 年 9 月 11 日 00. Recipe for success : "Study while others are sleeping, work while others are loafing, prepare while others are playing, and dream while others are wishing,“ take action while others are praying ! William A. Ward

1. The One &Only VIP issue: VISION:

1. The One &Only VIP issue : VISION No vision, no future! Visions are gateways to life. Where there is no vision ,the people perish Proverbs 29:18 The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision. Helen Keller

2. Two groups of losing net-workers::

2. Two groups of losing net-workers: 2 groups of net-workers who will not succeed : those who are unwilling to change , and those who are too slow to change . Page 185,NWM DNA

PowerPoint Presentation:

1. Do you risk financial loss by joining the company? (If yes, be careful. Most direct sales firms do not require or encourage any substantial investments.) Is the money you will earn coming from the sale of the product or service to the ultimate consumer of that product or service? (If no, stay away. It is most likely a fraud.) 2.1 2 Questions to Identify a Money-game: Source: Mr.Richard Berry ,President UK Direct Selling Association

3. 3differences between Net-worker:

3. 3differences between Net-worker Difference between a successful net-worker and failed net-worker is that the successful net-worker will always try not to miss any training, whenever possible !While a unsuccessful net-worker will try always to miss a training, whenever possible. The unsuccessful net-worker cares only those who refused, but a successful one cares only those who joins Successful net-worker work hard, unsuccessful net-worker work hardly, they wait hard! They belong to NATO! Tom is the name ! Page 138 NWM DNA

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3.1 3 JOBs FOR A DISTRIBUTOR: USE&SELL PRODUCTS DUPLICATE THROUGH TRAINING BUILD NETWORK 1 2 3 1> use and sell product 2> build network 3> train &motivate the network how to do 1, 2

3.2 3 Kinds of people in NWM::

3.2 3 Kinds of people in NWM: 1> those who make things happen 2> those who wait for things to happen 3> those who are watching without knowing what is happening Where are you?

3.3 3 Classes of Pak Sales-team :

3.3 3 Classes of Pak Sales-team 1> 1st class focus on learning &follow training 2> 2nd class focus on learning, but not follow training 3> 3rd class neither focus on training ,nor follow training Dead--- half past dead---Work hard Where are you?

3.4 3 Habits for Highly Successful People:

3.4 3 Habits for Highly Successful People 1> Positive approach 2> Punctuality 3> Quick Action Taker &decision Maker The only disability in life is a bad attitude! Scott Hamilton

3.5 3L Leadership :

3.5 3L Leadership Leader should be able to communicate his/her POSITIVE vision to other people, to many people. Leader should be able to make other people understand and believe in his/her POSITIVE vision. Leader should be able to move other people, many people to the same POSITIVE direction he/she wants them to go. “Leadership is the ability in moving people to a right direction to achieve the positive targets you have set for them”

4. 4 Ways to Differentiate Money-game::

4. 4 Ways to Differentiate Money-game: 1> Money-game has no legitimate office with its own R&P facilities 2> Money-game requires high membership charge, with compulsory purchasing of big amount of products 3> Money-game income comes from head-counting, not product selling to end users 4> No long-term marketing plan!Fast come, fast go

4.1 4 facts regarding time management::

4.1 4 facts regarding time management: Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is the only cash you have. Spend it wisely Live for today and plan for tomorrow! Sit & Wait will only make one a waiter &loser ! !

4.2 4 Fuels for Lasting ,Ongoing Success::

4.2 4 Fuels for Lasting ,Ongoing Success: Visualization Unshakable faith Education and knowledge Your environment of support

4.3 4 Traits for a Quality Leader:

4.3 4 Traits for a Quality Leader Set high target for self and team Willing to change &quick to change Willing to give Ready to cooperate


4.4 4 B WE NEED FOR TEAMBUILDING: Build our down lines Build our customers team Build the product knowledge Build our Leadership

4.5 4 Main Aspects for Network Development ::

4.5 4 Main Aspects for Network Development : Aspect of Product Knowledge Aspect of Compensation Plan Aspect of Motivation Aspect of STRONG LEADERSHIP

4. 6 4 Issues a Leader must realize::

4. 6 4 Issues a Leader must realize: Proper right guidance creates respect Love &care gives strong spiritual relationship Education& training brings development to the team Respect your team brings bigger team ,and more respect to you If that is you, you are A Great Leader! You’ll have the ability to create new Leaders

5. 5 Steps to Travel to Success ::

5. 5 Steps to Travel to Success : Get into a quality, registered car,& start Use &sell product is your fuel to travel Use gear high speed ,already Gear 4 Get more companions to travel &share Use Honesty as safety-belt, vision as headlight, good leadership as windshield, commitment as gas pedal, business ethics as break, focus on training as steering wheel, training as filling station, teamwork as engine How to Build a Successful NWM Business


天狮集团 PPT 演示模版标题 ×× 中心 ×× 部 2007 年 9 月 11 日 1> talk big loud in front of team , bigmouth., but do little 2> subjective, never take opinion of team, one man show 3> big hero mentality,ignore or forget the contribution of team 4> egoism, love the stage for self-projection 5> start complaining against everyone, everything 5.1 5 Symptoms of Success Deficiency Syndrome (SDS) : NWM DNA by Shimingjie

PowerPoint Presentation:

1> width 2> depth 3> velocity 4> steadiness 5> Enthusiasm 5.2 5 essential factors for a good network : NWM DNA

PowerPoint Presentation:

T= Teamwork I= Improvement E= Education+efforts N= Negative-less S= Share &success 5.3 TIENS Values :

5.4 5 S for action! Action consist of:

5.4 5 S for action! Action consist of 5 S = Schooling-training Sampling-be a user Selling-marketing Sponsoring-build team Servicing-care your team

PowerPoint Presentation:

1> read your organization chart ,find the cause of problem 2>have a balance with the 5 Essential Factors, make a steady income ,increase the team 3>improve the basic skills of the team through training 4>finance &time management 5>pass correct and positive habit/information to the team 6>regular meeting of team leaders. Plan for betterment of sales Page 256 NWM DNA 6. 6 solutions for down-line dropout:

PowerPoint Presentation:

6.1 6 PROHABITED THINGS FOR DISTRIBUTOR ? 1. Not to possess 2 distributor rights.1 man,1code 2. Not to hijack others’ team! Team=income 3. No hopping in between teams/companies 4. Not to sell products not @rate fixed 5. No claiming /exaggeration 6. No cheating no fraud



6.3 6 Characteristic of a STRONG Leader ::

6.3 6 Characteristic of a STRONG Leader : Have a BIB clear vision, you know what you want Can communicate your vision to many people Can convince people about your vision and can motivate people to follow your vision Consistent with the vision, will not change and retreat easily, will say “Don’t stop ,never give up” Always aiming a high target . A strong Leader does not need power, but needs personality

6.4 6 Indications for Down-lines Who Has the Potential to Be a Leader:

6.4 6 Indications for Down-lines Who Has the Potential to Be a Leader They are the people who want to learn new things. They are strongly committed : learning about the products and compensation plan, using& selling products. They will go, sponsoring and training down-lines. They have a goal and target to be achieved. They are enthusiastic about this business: the program and the products will excite them. They have the ability to move mountains. QUALITY ATTRACTS QUALITY! EAGLE GETS EAGLES!

PowerPoint Presentation:

1> willing to be in their comfort zone, unwilling to change 2> misconception with NWM, fail to have the true picture of NWM 3> poor sales which makes the business lose attraction 4> no confidence for success 5> unfavorable circumstances 6> unable to handle objections 7> poor communication, no training for basic NWM skills Page 123, NWM DNA 7. 7 reasons why some joined but never move:

PowerPoint Presentation:

1 : Reinventing the Wheel 2. A Small – time Attitude 3 : Making Yourself the Issue 4 : Taking Rejection Personally 5: Neglecting Your Retail Sales 6 : Listening to the Dream Stealers 7 : Abusing Your Sponsor Page 73,Chapter 4, Wave 3 –the Era in Network Marketing ,by Mr. Richard Poe 7.1 THE 7 DEADLY PITFALLS FOR A NETWORKER :

PowerPoint Presentation:

1> no sales, no income 2> no persistence, no determination to change 3>no milestone success, no vision for success 4>no learn ,poor teachability ,do not attend training 5>unable to improve &increase 6>poor relation with upline or/and downline 7>no working team, or downline join &dropout 7.2 7 reasons for dropout Page 256 NWM DNA

PowerPoint Presentation:

1: A Positive Outlook 2: Teachability 3 : Generosity 4 : Skin Like a Rhinoceros (tackle nay say-er well) 5 : Enthusiasm 6 : Drive 7 : Incredible Persistence Mr. Richard Poe , Wave 3-the Era in Network Marketing 7.3 7 ESSENTIAL TRAITS FOR A GOOD NETWORKER

PowerPoint Presentation:

1: Go by the facts---not the hype 2: Evaluate the Products 3 : Check the publicity Trial 4 : Consult industrial watchdogs 5 : find the skeletons 6: Evaluate the support system 7 : Evaluate the compensation plan 7.4 7 Steps to Spot a Good NWM Company: P46-70,Wave 3,the New Era in NWM by Richard Poe

PowerPoint Presentation:

1>Passion! 2>Belief! 3>Strategy! 4>Clarity of Values! 5>Energy! 6>Bonding Power! 7>Master of Communication ! 7.5 The7 Character Traits of Success: P62-66,Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins

8. 8 basic requirements for a good up-line::

8. 8 basic requirements for a good up-line: 1>clearly knows the role for up-line 2>knows how to communicate 3>praise& motive team to increase their faith 4>role-model. No dumping negative ideas/ messages to down-line 5>be considerate ,understand the needs and problem of down-line 6>constantly reinforce the down-line’s confidence to success 7>care the down-line 8>be a visionary leader Page 206. NWM DNA

PowerPoint Presentation:

8.1 8 Rolls of Management: Make Marketing Plan, modify according to market &network development R&P.Quality Control.Logistics Easy &complete flow of business Training material,guide & tools, promo Accurate Bonus calculation &timely distributing Customer service Network operation & management Communication & motivation

9. 9 Simple Facts to Know::

9. 9 Simple Facts to Know: 3>Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger Bible 4>Every man is superior to me in some way and from him I can learn. Emerson 5>Cease to learn starts the downfall of your team 6>Every successful person knows, persistence beats resistance ----and quitting is NEVER an option. 2>Success lies NOT in the result ,but in the process! Being the best is NOT at all important, doing the best is all that matters! 1>The only constant in the world is change!

PowerPoint Presentation:

7>The best way to make it through a mine field is to follow someone who has already made it a soldier 8>Adversity causes some men to break--- others to break records William A. Ward 9. “ The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem ” Charles R. Swindoll .

10. 10 reasons why a net-worker should learn: :

10. 10 reasons why a net-worker should learn: 1> to learn is to cultivate a good personality 2>to learn is to increase the faith in success 3>to learn is to improve progress 4>to learn is to minimize the time consumption to success ,and to handle adversity better 5>to learn is to improve positively the mentality and attitude 6>to learn is to find the weakness so as to improve 7>to learn is the best motivation 8>to learn is to exchange experience &what one has learned 9>to learn is to help future success 10>to learn is to lead whole network to move NWM DNA

10.1 10 minefields to kill a net-worker::

10.1 10 minefields to kill a net-worker: 1> fail to accept and love NWM 2> fail to comply with the basic NWM principle of Width first, then depth !Width of a team is more important than depth!R+1 3> have grandiose aims but puny abilities 4> try to gain without pain. Focus on material gain only 5> never learn 6> fail to know 2 lines in NWM: Qualifying line which only helps to promote you to higher rank. Cash line to general sales and bonus 7> fail to make NWM part of your life 8> sales without network, network without sales 9> forget the initial drive 10> Success Deficiency Syndrome. Satisfied with 1 single small achievement .No success curves

10.3 “Success Curve”?:

10.3 “Success Curve”? success curve is a small achievement ,like promoting to a higher rank ,or getting a car! For real success, a net-worker needs minimum 6 such Success Curves to reach the top! If you stop, and wait ,or break down at the 1st Curve ,you will never succeed ! A successful person does not quit trying once a goal is reached, but sets a new goal and keeps moving to the next one!

10.4 NWM Master Says::

10.4 NWM Master Says: If you see your customers& down-lines as sources of money, you probable won’t do very well! They’ll pick up on your self-centered interest and move away from it! On the other hand, if you see them as opportunities to SERVE &SUPPORT , they’ll pick up that as well and move toward it! Dr.Black,Page 12,being the best you can be in NWM by John Kalench To achieve more than the average person, you must work longer and harder than the average person! Brian Tracy

10.5 15Major Success Principles :

10.5 15 Major Success Principles 1.Be positive 2.Set goal 3.Be persistent 4.Be willing to work hard,with discipline &follow through 5.Concentrate on self-improvement 6.Be enthusiastic 7.Stay focused

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8.Budget your time 9.Take initiative 10.Affirm yourself &what you want 11.Believe in yourself 12.Work with positive &supportive people 13.Understand &work well with people 14.Work toward your goal 15.Develop the habits for success P16,Get Rich Thru NWM,G.G.Scott

PowerPoint Presentation:

Speed of a train depends on the quality of the engine! Speed of the team depends on the quality of a teamleader!

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed”:

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed” Napoleon Hill

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