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ONLINE JOBS OPPORTUNITY Prepared by eziline developers

COB Benefits:

COB Benefits The freedom to work wherever and whenever you want. An income that is double or triple what you could earn in a day job? May be more… Interesting and rewarding work that is fun to do Making all the money you need working is just few hours a day.


JOB PERSPECT There is no limit of job/assignment . Job is home based. Assignments are not forced. You can work from any computer including cyber café. This job offered: Copying, Pasting, Editing, Sorting and Indexing Data in it on any format and we concentrate more on better and speed in Post online data entry.


Eligibility There is no age LIMIT . Basic Knowledge of Computer and internet operation is necessary

Minimum Qualification Required:

Minimum Qualification Required No Big Degrees and Diplomas Required We prefer computer literate and with Basic Knowledge of English/Internet

Job Description:

Job Description At Cyberonlinebiz Job can be only done by REGISTERD MEMBERS Every Registered Members get ID:COBXXXXXX PASSWORD:********* From Company through Email in after 4 hours of registration

Online Job:

Online Job It is advisable to have your own personal Computers at home/ access to any computers / Cyber café but it has to be with the internet connection. Those who don’t have any personal computer at home, may work from any internet café. Member should Use Single Computer for His/her assignments.COB Restrict 2 PC Per Assignment


Income The system of payments is generally after the completion of the project. No fixed amount of monthly is stipend/salary is paid to us. Currently COB Set Minimium Payout to 75USD The amount different with Schemes, work done etc

Packages & Details::

Packages & Details: Name Economic Classic Mega Data Entry 45$ 65$ 90$ Ad Posting 45$ 65$ 90$ Web Surfing 45$ 65$ 90$ Working Days 1 st -10 th 1 st – 20 th 1 st – 30 th Compilation 15 th of Month 15 th of Month 15 th of Month Payout 75$ 75$ 75$ Refer Bonus 7$/ sign up 7$/ sign up 7$/ sign up Monthly Deduction 5$ 10$ 15$ Expiry /Renewal NO NO NO Upgrade/Freeze YES YES YES

Other Packages::

Other Packages: Name Package Fee Monthly Deduction Compilation Refer Bonus Offline Jobs 180$ 10$ 15 th of Month 7$ Email Caster 100$ 5$ 15 th of Month 7$ Articles Jobs 120$ 10$ 15 th of Month 7$ Expiry/Renewal No renewal on any of our packages Upgrade/Freeze Upgrade Available/ Freeze Account any time

Super Mega Package::

Super Mega Package: Working Only on 250$ Compilation Earning Refer Bonus Monthly Fee Deduction 1 st to 30 th 7 days Unlimited 1% from Refers NO

Cheque Sample 1:

Cheque Sample 1

Cheque Sample 2:

Cheque Sample 2

International Cheque Sample:

International Cheque Sample

Thanks for your Presence:

Thanks for your Presence Congrats Your Training completed and now you can $EARN$.

Contact Address::

Contact Address: Cyberonlinebiz Presentation Department Skype ID :eziline Contact: 03212225212 Email: Presented by: Pakistan Regional Franchise visionlinebiz

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