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Seminar onLearn more Achieve more Objective “ To provide ideas for preparing oneself for a career path and which eventually leads to getting a job easily” Organized & Facilitated by: A4 Consultants 1/13,iqbal road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Mobile:01819408408 Email: Supported by: 1

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Welcome to Presentation Prepared by: MD.AMINUL ISLAM Shahin Training Officer A4 Consultants 2

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Quiz Competition 3

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Why we study ? For a better job. For a better career. For a good marriage. Make a good social status. Earning money or assets. Doing something for people. 4

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who achieve a job easily ? 5

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Qualification for getting a Job Education. Experience. Training. Language. Behavior. Others activity. Communication skill. Etc. Participants Opinion 6

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What is our reality ? we spend our maximum time only for complete our education. After Completed our education, we search job but can not getting a job easily. we can not getting a job easily because we can not fulfill others requirements. we search a job with our limited quality or boundary. True. False. 7

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what you think ? what we need to do ? 8

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How to make yourself differentand break the boundary ? : 

How to make yourself differentand break the boundary ? 10

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How to make yourself different ? You need to learn more about your text and others. Don’t waste time. Avoid comparison with others. Put money low on the list. Have meaningful goals. Take initiative at work. Make friends and treasure family. Smile, even when you don’t feel like it. Say thank you like you mean it. Get out and exercise. 11

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What do you need to do next? 12

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How to prepare for a job ? Home work Prepare a resume with right information. Proof read the resume with a critical eye. Review your strengths & weaknesses. Obtain permission in advance from people you intend to use as reference. Read about the employer. 14

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Continue...... Day of the interview Dress as a professional. Be conservative but not prudish. Be neat, Check for missing buttons, dragging, split, seams etc. Avoid jangling Jewelry or “new wave” fashion. Appear fresh and rested, interested and alert. Arrive promptly for your appointment. 15

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Continue...... Conduct interview as selling game Be positive about your qualification. Avoid judgmental remarks about previous jobs or bosses. Learn the name of your interviewers and the position in the organization. Be creative in describing your skills and relating them to a new job. 16

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How to Evaluate job offer ? Money Matters /salary. Benefits. Hours . Travel. Flexibility . Company Culture . Your Personal Circumstances. 17

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Job Content. Salary. Benefits. Hours/Schedule. Flexibility. Location . Work Environment. Company Culture. Traveling. Job- offer evaluation Checklist 18

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A4 Consultants 19

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How A4 Consultants can help you? To prepare a Resume. To prepare your job related others document. To make a good career planning. To with Training Program. 20

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Training program of A4 Consultants 21

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Continue...... 22

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If you require we can organize any Training Course for you. 23

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Some moment of A4 Training 24

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Tips Must prepare the following questions Answer before interview. Why do you think you are the best candidate? How would you contribute to the company’s vision? What is your expected Salary? Why do you want to leave your present job? 25

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Open Disscussion 26

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A4 consultants 28

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Thank You all 29

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