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OUTLINE Introduction Internet Structure in INDIA What Is Cyber Crime? Process of committing Cyber Crime Cyber Criminals Cyber Threat Evolution Prevention of Cyber Crime (Security) Conclusion 2


INTRODUCTION Cyber Crime is becoming ever more serious. Computer Crime and Security Survey show an upward trend that demonstrates a need for a timely review of existing approaches to fight this new phenomenon in the information age. Proliferation of Internet has opened many avenues for Evolution of Cyber Crime Social Networking Sites provide an ideal breeding place for various types of Cyber Crimes 3


4 4 Internet Infrastructure in INDIA 4

What IS Cyber crime?:

What IS Cyber crime? Crime that involves Computer and Network. Unlawful act that involves Computer which is treated as a Tool or Target or both. Major Cyber Crimes are Hacking and Cyber Pornography. Cyber Crime involves Financial Thefts, Espionage, Cyber Warfare across the globe. 5

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CYBER CRIMES TARGETING COMPUTER DIRECTLY COMPUTER NETWORKS Computer Virus DoS Attack Malware (malicious code) Cyber Stalking Phishing Scam Information Warfare 6

Process of Committing Cyber Crime:

Process of Committing Cyber Crime STEP-1:- Identifying the Victim. STEP-2:- Information Gathering. STEP-3:- Finding the Loopholes. STEP-4:- Break in. STEP-5:- Escape without a Trace. 7

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TYPES OF CYBER CRIME Organized Crime Terrorist Groups Nation States 8

Security Incidents reported during 2011 :

Security Incidents reported during 2011 9

Reasons for Cyber crime:

Reasons for Cyber crime Capacity to store data in comparatively small space Easy to access Complex Negligence Loss of evidence Old Crime, New Technology Harm others reputation 10


CYBER CRIMINALS Children and adolescents between the age group of 6 – 18 years. Organized hackers. Professional hackers/crackers. Discontented employees. 11

Threats OF Cyber crime:

Threats OF Cyber crime Unauthorized access to computer systems or networks / Hacking Phishing Email bombing Denial of Service attack Virus / worm attacks Logic bombs Trojan attacks Web jacking 12

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Cyber Threat Evolution Virus Breaking Web Sites Malicious Code (Melissa) Advanced Worm / Trojan (I LOVE YOU) Identity Theft (Phishing) Organised Crime Data Theft, DoS / DDoS 1995 2000 2003-04 2005-06 2009-10 1977 13

Prevention Of Cyber Crime:

Security Policy Regulatory Compliance Access Control Security Audit User Awareness Program Firewall Encryption Antivirus Prevention Of Cyber Crime 14


Conclusion It is next to impossible to eliminate cyber crime from Cyber Space, but it is possible to check the cyber crimes. No government can completely eliminate Cyber Crime. Only we can decrease the cyber crime by providing awareness to the people about cyber crime. 15

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