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CPS Revolution : 

CPS Revolution

What is your idea about share ? : 

What is your idea about share ?

Right, More Than 90% - 95% Of The People Have Two Points of View About Share : 

Right, More Than 90% - 95% Of The People Have Two Points of View About Share But Wait !

Slide 4: 

A joint stock company divides its capital into units of equal denomination. Each unit is called a share. These units i.e. shares are offered for sale to raise capital. This is termed as issuing shares. A person who buys share/shares of the company is called a shareholder. The first company to issue shares of stock after the Middle Ages was the Dutch East India Company in 1606. During Roman times, the empire contracted out many of its services to private groups called publicani. Shares in publicani were called “socii”. What Is Share ?

Type Of Shares : 

Type Of Shares Common Share (IPO) Preferred Share (CPS)

What Is The Best Offer ? : 

Agriculture Industrial Telecommunications Commodities & Goods Metal & Energy ………. What Is The Best Offer ?

Gold Is Time : 

Gold Is Time

Slide 8: 

We produce gold at the cheapest cost and sell at the highest market price. This is Virgin Gold's one and only operational philosophy, which is understood by each of Virgin Gold's employees. No corporation can go wrong by producing at the lowest cost and selling at the highest price by convertible preferred share(CPS) as a revolutionary platform. Ricardo Luigi Olievera Function: Chairman James Gibson Function: Board of Director Peter Torgensen Function: Board of Director Pavel Nunek Valenski Function: Board of Director Bradley Nevis Function: Board of Director Johann Hansen Function: CEO

How Does It Work ? : 

How Does It Work ? Credit Account Subscribe Share: 1000 Minimum – 999,999 Maximum Top Up: Cash Anytime, Anywhere Worldwide Transfer & Convert: Real Time, Credit To Gold Cash Withdrawal: Any Account, Anytime, Anywhere, Worldwide

How Does It Work ? : 

How Does It Work ? Gold Account Transfer: Real Time Dividend: 1 Oz of GOLD Per 10,000 Shares, Monthly Convert: Real Time, Gold To Credit

How Does It Work ? : 

How Does It Work ? Trading Account Margin: 3 Times Of Capital, As Paper Gold Buy & Sell: According To Global Gold Price, Real Time Time: 5 Working Days in Week

Testimonials : 

Testimonials “in Most Cases, I Still “Prefer” Dividend Stocks. However, If You Want a Stake in Preferred, Try a Fund...” The Third Wealthiest Person In The World as of 2010 September 29, 2008, he bought $5 billion in preferred shares from Goldman Sachs And $3 billion on preferred shares from General Electric Warren Buffett “Investors Need To Overcome Fear Factor With Dividend in Preferred Shares” Robert Kiyosaki

Slide 13: 

Testimonial of Re-Subscription* 1st Month 2st Month 3st Month 4st Month 5st Month 6st Month 7st Month 8st Month 9st Month 10st Month 11st Month 12st Month 10,000 + 1,300 $ 1,300 11,300 + 1,469 $ 1,400 41,900 13st Month 0 69 $ + 5,447 $ * Start with 10,000 Shares ~ Share Price= 1 USD ~ Gold Price= 1,300 $/Oz (Monthly Income)

Subscription Steps : 

Subscription Steps Fill up Registration Form Top up Cash For Credit Subscribe Share Submit National ID Documents Submit Proof of Address Submit Bank Account Choose Username And Enjoy VGmail Service 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Conclusion : 

Company Business Registered 1999 (11 Years) Company Website Registered 2001 (9 Years) VGMC CPS started Jan.2010 with 0.80 $/Share VGMC CPS today’s price is 1.05 $/Share 1 Shareholder = 1 Account Conclusion - CPS with dividend - Gold Trading Account - Shareholder Rewards - FREE Shareholder Account - FREE VGmail Services - FREE Mobile account Service - FREE SMS Service - FREE Shareholders Chat Box Company Offers:

Contact us : 

Contact us Tel: +507-8365099 Fax: +507-3925420 Admin Office : Virgin Gold Mining Corporation Torre Global Bank Building Calle 50 & Calle 58 Este Piso 31, Oficina 3105 Panama City, Republic Of Panama

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