Wimax Technology Threats & Enhancements


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Threats to Wimax Technology & its possible enhancements


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Threats to WiMAX & its possible enhancements. : 

Threats to WiMAX & its possible enhancements. By http://www.freewimaxinfo.com

Topics to discuss : 

Topics to discuss Introduction to WiMAX How WiMAX works WiMAX Security Encryption within WiMAX Threats to WiMAX WiMAX Enhancements Future of WiMAX

Introduction to WiMAX : 

Introduction to WiMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, based on IEEE 802.16 standards Higher connection speed than WiFi Wider area coverage, also called MAN (Metropolitan area network) Backhaul for WiFi hotspots

Why WiMAX? : 

Why WiMAX? Higher Data Rates with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Timing Supports Wider Range Cost Quality of Service

WiMAX Standards : 

WiMAX Standards 802.16-2004 Used for Fixed & nomadic LOS and NLOS implementations. Supports frequency bands from 3.5 GHz to 5.8 GHz 802.16e Extension of earlier version of 802.16-2004 Supports mobile communication Supports frequency bands from 2.3 GHz to 2.5 GHz ETSI HiperMAN Produced by ETSI for broadband wireless MAN implementations. Supports frequency bands under 11 GHz

WiMAX Standards ….Continued : 

WiMAX Standards ….Continued Wi-Bro Built by the TTA of South Korea Developed to fill the gap between 3G WLAN standards. Supports frequency bands of 2.3 GHz to 2.4 GHz

How WiMAX works? : 

How WiMAX works? WiMAX network consists of Base Station Usually a broadcasting tower Receiver or Subscriber Station Antenna or Device like AP’s in WiFi Backhaul Backbone to interconnect base stations & provide roaming facilities.

Types of WiMAX : 

Types of WiMAX Fixed WiMAX Communicates via wireless links from CPE to remote NLOS base station. Its more secure than Mobile WiMAX Give wireless connection but unable to provide roaming. Mobile WiMAX Uses lower frequency (2GHz to 11GHz) for NLOS connections Gives roaming facility because of handoff between base stations Full & limited mobility features.

WiMAX Security : 

WiMAX Security Robust Security Insures user data piracy & prevents unauthorized access. Additional Protocol optimization for mobility. Security is built-in privacy sub layer within MAC layer.

WiMAX Security ….Continued : 

WiMAX Security ….Continued WiMAX Security Key Functions Support for Privacy Authentication Flexible Key Management Protocol Protection of control messages Support for fast handover

Encryption within WiMAX : 

Encryption within WiMAX Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a link layer encryption method to be used in WiMAX. Strong Encryption Fast Easy to Implement in Hardware & Software Efficient Requires less memory than other encryption mechanisms.

Encryption within WiMAX…Contd : 

Encryption within WiMAX…Contd Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Uses both Symmetric Key Encryption (SKE) & Asymmetric Key Encryption (AKE) Symmetric Key Encryption Not Efficient Problem in generating private keys to hunderd of users. Asymmetric Key Encryption Solution for a Key Distribution problem Used both public & private keys Keys are generated at the same time using RSA algorithm

Threats to WiMAX : 

Threats to WiMAX Rouge Base Station An attacker station that duplicates a legitimate base station Denial of Service (DOS) Attacks Overload request of signal processing by an attacker. Application Layer Threats Routers & gateways are loopholes the for security threats. Physical Layer Threats Blocking by activating source of strong noise to significantly lowering the capacity of thr channel. Privacy Sub Layer Threat Doesn't ensure complete encryption of user data & also doesn’t protect the physical layer.

Threats to WiMAX …. Continued : 

Threats to WiMAX …. Continued Mutual Authentication Lack of base station certificate, therefore it offers replay attacks. Key Management It agains leads to replay attacks by using Traffic Encryption Key (TEK) sequence space. Identity Theft Reprogramming of a device with the hardware address with the help of another device. Water Torture An attacker sends a series of frames to drain out the receiver’s battery. BlackHat Threats Cracking into the network or the computer system.

WiMAX Enhancements : 

WiMAX Enhancements Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Provides the operator to beat the challenges of NLOS transmission in the more efficient manner. IMT-Advanced Offers constant higher data rates with high mobility. Power Control Algorithms of power control are applied to enhance the overall performance of the system. Error Detection Techniques Algorithms are used to identify and correct errors to enhance throughput.

WiMAX Enhancements ….Contd : 

WiMAX Enhancements ….Contd Sub Channelization Boosts the system gain that can either be applied to widen the reach of the system. Transmission Diversity Diversity Algorithms are used to enhance the accessibility of the system. Antennas for fixed WiMAX applications Directional antennas enhance the fade margin & increases the link accessibility comparisons between directional and omni-directional antennas. Adaptive Modulation Used to keep the connection quality and link performance.

WiMAX Future : 

WiMAX Future Its not just the backhaul solution for WiFi. Delivering Additional bandwidth to 3G networks. Delivers converged services that can be accessed using a broad range of devices on a wide variety of networks. Future Threats Experts are expecting similar kinds of threats like WiFi does. Still needs to workout on security issues.

The End : 

The End Any Suggestions please write to us at info@freewimaxinfo.com Contribute to our site and help us grow the wireless technology. For contributions on news and articles please contact at press@freewimaxinfo.com

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