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5 major benefits of installing shade structure in Brisbane Many customers think about shade structures during the hottest months of the year. But even when the temperature is cool off one of these structures can increase your comfort outdoors. There are many advantages of installing shade structures such as relief from the sun wind dust rain and snow. Shade structures provide an extra protection that the children need. Children are highly sensitive to UV radiation and it takes less than 10 minutes for their unprotected skin to burn. And while sunscreen is absolutely essential it is not always enough especially for children who spend a lot of time outdoors. Here are top 5 reasons which detail why shade structure installation is essential. 1 UV protection: Everybody needs a little bit of sun but its important to monitor the exposure of your children receive while outside. Too many UV rays to unprotected surfaces can lead to skin and eye damage. These shade structures in Brisbane can go a long way in protecting your children from too much exposure. 2 Temperature regulation: We all know when you put your hands on a hot metal. On a sunny day the material on park playground equipment gets too hot and result to burns and other injury to your child. Having a shade over your playground equipment protects them from too much exposure. 3 Weather invulnerability: You may want your playground structure to last as long as possible. Playground shades extend the life of your structure by protecting it from hail and extreme weather damage. Shade structures are generally made of metal posts and either fabric or metal canopies. The shade structures are also a popular choice for parking that protects the vehicles from harsh weather elements. 4 Material preservation: Sun exposure over time can have a seriously corrosive effect on playground equipment. The plastic of the equipment fades and the metal playground equipment such as fasteners can corrode under constant weather exposure. A shade can slow this process down if not prevent altogether. In simple words when your equipment is protected the quality and use of your playground equipment are improved. 5 Increased outdoor time: Because its cooler users will like to enjoy the outdoors for a long period of time. Kids will want to play longer on the playground and families may extend their picnic time if they’re kept cool under the shade. If you have an outdoor area or a playground that could benefit from a shade structure make no delay and protect yourself as well as your playground equipment from harsh weather and increase their working life. There are various dealers who provide a different kind of shade structures in Brisbane for pools parking lots car dealerships outdoor common areas and more. All ages need protection from the sun and deserve to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Source By: shade-structure-brisbane-1668841.html

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