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Robotics : 

Robotics Shantanu Singh 6th D

Robots : 

Robots Robots play an ever-increasing role in our world. Many people tend to think of robots as a walking, talking, human-like creations portrayed in science-fictions movies. However, a robot is a fact of mute, automatic machine, with electronic brains programmed to carry out specific tasks. Most robots are used in industry.

How a robot Works : 

How a robot Works A typical industrial robot is a one armed machine with flexible joints equivalent to the human shoulder, elbow, and wrist. It has a gripping mechanism that works as a hand. The robotic arm swivels on its supporting base, and may be removed electrically or pneumatically, by using compressed air. All movements are controlled by the robots computer brain.

Use of robots : 

Use of robots Robots are most often used in difficult or dangerous situation to carry out task people wish to avoid. Many factories use robots on the production line, because they are unaffected by noise, heat, and fumes in the workplace. Bomb disposal A mobile robot is used by bomb disposal experts to check suspect objects. Industrial robots The car industry is a major user of robots for welding car components and spraying paint. Robot explorers Space is a hostile place for humans to explore, but it suits robot involved in exploration.

Robots in the home : 

Robots in the home Robots are good at performing simple, repetitive task that people find boring, such as washing-up and cleaning. However, such household jobs are quite complicated when broken down. Research is being carried out to make more sophisticated robots that have independent movement and careful coordination of “mind”, “eyes” and “hands”.

The future : 

The future As research into robotics continues, more versatile and user-friendly robots are being developed. Three-dimensional vision and increased sensitivity enable industrial robots to carry out more routine jobs, while advances in artificial intelligence will give r`obots more independence to solve problems as they arise.

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