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this is a slideshow of the history of trinidad


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Trinidad Port of Spain Today

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View overlooking Port of Spain . Queen's Park Savannah (300 acre park) is in the middle.. It’s the largest round-about in the world!

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Seaward view of PoS, nestling in the shade of the Northern Range (mountain range).

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Port of Spain harbour, with the famouse Caroni swamp in the foreground. This is the roosting area of the Scarlet Ibis, which flock in daily.

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New buildings, Northern Range in the background. Old Port,  Gold building is the Hyatt Where the Summit took place.

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One of the new buildings next door to the Hyatt, on what was formerly the Port, on Wrightson Road

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Building built by Isa Nicholas Corner of Abercrombie Street

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An office building on the corner of Sweet Briar Road and Gray Street , Looking North.

Slide 9: 

Same building on Sweet Briar Road, looking North West.

Slide 10: 

Old Buildings on left; Unit Trust building and one of the Towers of the Financial complex.

Slide 11: 

New Guardian General building, St Vincent Street,

Slide 12: 

Office of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Lower St, Vincent Street, Port of Spain.

Slide 13: 

Stacks are T&Tec buildings, looking South and other new Government office buildings. On the far right the Hyatt Hotel.

Slide 14: 

Independence Square corner and Edward Street , looking North

Slide 15: 

Independence Square, P.O.S, looking South West. Thaht’s Bradway between KFC and the Royal Bank

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The Eastern main Road on the Left, and the Priority Bus Route , built on the the old Railway. Entrance and exit-way into and out of Port of Spain.

Slide 17: 

Public trnsportation in the National colours. Nice 12-seater buses / maxi-taxis

Slide 18: 

A home in Port of Spain.

Slide 19: 

A view from one of the beautiful condos in a gated community ovelooking the Gulf of Paria

Slide 20: 

View from old Fort George , overlooking the city and the Gulf of Paria . Erected by the British in the 1800's.

Slide 21: 

Crowne Plaza. This is the old Holiday Inn on Wrightson Road . Now the Crown Plaza Hotel.

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This is on Roberts Street, buildings in background are “One Woodbrook Place” Being built behind Roxy (which is now Pizza Hut).

Slide 23: 

One Woodbrook Place in the foreground and the waterfront and government buildings around the bottom of St Vincent street and Wrightson Road.

Slide 24: 

One Woodbrook Place. Still under construction. Part of Clico. 2 years overdue.

Slide 25: 

Westmoorings in the distance, and the 6 apartment buildings that were constructed over the last 15 years. Those under construction on the left are where "Simpsons Pool” used to be in Shorelands. This whole area used to be a swamp.

Slide 26: 

Aerial view of Alcoa Tembladora, then Carenage, Westmoorings and the Diego Martin Valley in the distance. Five Islands on the right.

Slide 27: 

Hindu Mandir (Temple), Carapichaima, Trinidad.

Slide 28: 

Hindu Mandir (Temple), Carapichaima.

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